Installing Crestron Cp4, Crestron DIN-8SW8-I, Kramer DSP-62-UC for HKU SPACE

Wise Av solution installed Crestron Cp4, Crestron DIN-8SW8-I, Kramer DSP-62-UC for HKU SPACE, improving the teaching experience and fulfilling the needs of teaching.

Crestron Cp4

Crestron CP4 is a secure, high‑performance control processor with a powerful 4-Series™ control engine. Crestron CP4 is designed to integrate and automate technology within any modern networked home, commercial building, or government facility. Crestron CP4 delivers a dynamic and secure control system platform capable of managing a room full of disparate technologies.

Reliable networking and IP control afford seamless integration with other systems and devices, with add-on control capability using Crestron touch screens, wireless remotes, and mobile device apps, as well as remote management through Crestron Fusion® software and the XiO Cloud® service.

Crestron DIN-8SW8-I

The DIN-8SW8-I is an 8-channel lighting control module designed to support non-dimmable lighting and fan switching. In addition, the DIN-8SW8-I features eight isolated digital inputs, allowing standard momentary switches to trigger events with or without a control system. A single model supports both 120 and 220-240 Volt applications. Each channel handles incandescent loads up to 10 Amps, fluorescent loads up to 5 Amps, and 1/2 HP motor loads.

Kramer DSP-62-UC

DSP−62−UC is a member of the Kramer XSPerience family of DSP products. DSP−62−UC is an advanced, professional 6 x 2 audio matrix switcher that includes multi−channel DSP, AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), HDMI de−embedding, and class compliant USB audio interface. The comprehensive and user−friendly graphic interface makes configuring every detail of your audio system intuitive and easy.

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