COB LED Display Technology-An Extraordinary New Realm of Visual Experience

As display technology advances, COB (Chip-on-Board) LED displays are leading the way to the future of visual displays. This innovative technology delivers outstanding visuals through its unique RGB light-emitting principle using RGBG pixel arrangements and intelligent pixel-sharing algorithms for enhanced contrast and color performance. Advanced coating techniques further boost brightness and heat dissipation.
COB LED displays offer high brightness, low power consumption, wide viewing angles, and long lifespans. Widely applied in conference rooms, malls, exhibition halls, and more, they are setting new standards for impactful visual experiences across industries. This pioneering technology ushers in an extraordinary new realm of visual possibilities.

3 key leading advantages of COB LED technology

Low Power Consumption

COB LEDs achieve 50% lower power consumption through unique light-emitting design and efficient thermal management, enabling energy-saving displays with high brightness.

Compliant with carbon emission standards

An energy-efficient and eco-friendly display technology, minimizing environmental impact.

Super Cooling Technology

Operating at just 31.6°C, lower than the human body temperature and much cooler than other brands (around 42°C). The low temperature reduces cooling costs for central air conditioning systems and ensures a longer operational lifespan.

COB LED Display Technology:

Leading Display Performance

LED displays outperform LCDs with light-emitting elements 1,000 times faster, enabling clear, vivid visuals even in bright outdoor or mall lighting conditions.

All-weather protection – triple-layer shielding

The COB LED display features excellent waterproof, anti-UV, and anti-humidity performance. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is almost unaffected by environmental conditions, boasting wide and unrestricted applicability.

Expansive and unobstructed viewing angle

The LED display offers an ultra-wide viewing angle of up to 160 degrees, with the COB LED technology delivering an almost 180-degree viewing angle. No matter where you are, the content is displayed clearly without concerns about indoor glare or outdoor lighting.

Expansive and unobstructed viewing angle

The LED display offers an ultra-wide viewing angle of up to 160 degrees, with the COB LED technology delivering an almost 180-degree viewing angle. No matter where you are, the content is displayed clearly without concerns about indoor glare or outdoor lighting.



The molding technology can provide optimal protection against organic solvents, moisture, and combustion, far surpassing the widely used film technology of competitor products. The molding process is highly favored by overseas high-end customers.


Other brands’ COB LED

Fire Resistance

Our COB products have passed the BS476-7 surface spread of flame test and obtained the CLASS 2 level certification. After 3 seconds of surface burning, our COB displays showed no abnormalities. However, other brands’ products exhibited clearly visible burn marks on the surface.


Other brands’ COB LED

Power Consumption

In the COB LED display technology, the P1.2 product particularly stands out in its power consumption performance. Its maximum power consumption is only one-third that of other suppliers’ similar flip-chip COB products, making it an ultra-low-power solution.

Assuming 20 hours of daily operation (TV wall display size: 2m x 3.5m, ~7 square meters screen, LED P1.2):

Our COB LED P1.2 display has a power consumption of 156 W/m²

The estimated yearly electricity cost for this display is around $200,000.

Other brands’ COB LED P1.2 displays have a power consumption of approximately 380 W/m²

The estimated yearly electricity cost for these other brand displays is around $220,000.

Compared to other brands, our COB LED P1.2 display can save approximately $20,000 in yearly electricity costs.

It also reduces carbon emissions by 6,528 CO2e annually.

*This amount of carbon emissions would require planting 593 trees to offset.

COB LED Full-Screen Application

Leveraging outstanding performance and innovative technologies, COB LED displays are being widely applied in various scenarios such as conference rooms, shopping malls, exhibition halls, and command centers, presenting audiences with a clear and high-quality visual feast.
Super COB LED displays feature an ultra-high pixel density, and products with different pixel pitches are suitable for different space sizes and viewing distance requirements. Users can select the appropriate model based on the actual scenario to achieve the optimal visual effect.

Pixel Pitch 0.4 mm

Recommend Size: ≥ 3 m²

Best View Distance: 2 m

Pixel Pitch 0.7 mm 

Recommend Size: ≥ 5 m²

Best View Distance: 3 m

Pixel Pitch 0.9 mm

Recommend Size: ≥ 7 m²

Best View Distance: 4 m

Pixel Pitch 1.2 mm

Recommend Size: ≥ 10 m²

Best View Distance: 5 m

Reference Cases:

LED P0.7 (for Small Meeting Rooms)

Provides high resolution and detailed image performance, fully showcasing the fine details of the images with clear layers and no distortion.

  • LED Video Wall Size: 1.2m x 2.2m 
  • 100-inch 16:9 LED
  • 2K Resolution
  • Brightness 600 nits

LED P1.2 (for Exhibition Halls, Auditoriums, and Reception Areas)

Features an ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 degrees horizontally and vertically, with no significant distortion or color deviation. It also supports a high refresh rate of >3840Hz, delivering smooth dynamic image playback without trailing, making it suitable for multimedia video playback.
  • LED Video Wall Size: 2.2m x 3.9m
  • 185-inch 16:9 LED
  • 4K Resolution
  • Brightness 800 nits

LED P0.7 (for Lobbies, Flooring, and Hotels)

The surface uses a black light-absorbing film, effectively reducing environmental light reflection and glare, enhancing the viewing experience. Additionally, it has a high IP65 dust and water protection rating, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • LED Video Wall Size: 2.5m x 4m
  • 210-inch 16:10 LED
  • 4K Resolution
  • Brightness 800 nits

LED P0.9 (for Various Control Centers, e.g. Security Rooms, Police Stations, and Hospitals)

Large-size seamless splicing technology allows the construction of an ultra-wide field of vision, making it suitable for large-screen display environments in control centers.
  • LED Video Wall Size: 3.5m x 30m (~100 square meters)
  • Brightness 600 nits

COB LED embodies the brilliance of innovative technology, becoming a new benchmark for visual display. It possesses outstanding display effects, providing users with unparalleled visual experiences. Adopting COB LED not only creates a stunningly realistic display quality, but also leads the future trend of display technology. Whether for commercial operations or consumer-level applications, COB LED can fully demonstrate its high efficiency and unique appeal, becoming the paradigm of display technology.