Crestron DIN-8SW8-I 8-Channel Lighting Control Module

DIN 軌道高壓開關數字輸入模塊

  • 8個通道的電源開關
  • 支援120至240伏特50/60赫茲照明和馬達負載
  • 8個電壓驅動的獨立數字輸入
  • 覆蓋輸入


DIN Rail High-Voltage Switch with Digital Inputs

  • 8 channels of power switching
  • Support for 120 to 240 Volt 50/60 Hz lighting and motor loads
  • 8 voltage-driven isolated digital inputs
  • Override input


Crestron DIN-8SW8-I 8通道照明控制模塊

DIN-8SW8-I 是一款8通道照明控制模塊,設計支援非調光照明和風扇開關。此外,DIN-8SW8-I 配備了8個獨立的數字輸入,使標準瞬間開關能夠在有或沒有控制系統的情況下觸發事件。單個型號支援120伏特和220至240伏特的應用。每個通道可處理高達10安培的白熾燈負載、5安培的螢光燈負載和1/2匹馬力電機負載。





DIN-8SW8-I 提供8個獨立本地輸入,可使用瞬間式按鈕鍵盤。預設情況下,對每個輸入施加短暫的電壓會使相應的繼電器切換開/關。此外,附加的Crestron®控制系統可以覆蓋此行為並創建8個通用輸入。在此模式下,可以對按鈕鍵盤進行編程,以提供自定義功能。


DIN-8SW8-I 設計成可插在標準DIN軌道上,以便於安裝在壁掛式的機箱中。電線連接使用螺絲端子,分別位於裝置的頂部和底部,從前面清晰可見,便於安裝和維修。所有設置控制和指示燈都位於中央前面板上。當安裝在採用45毫米切割口的機箱中時,DIN-8SW8-I的前面板仍然可以被輕易地操作,而連接端子則是隱藏的。


DIN-8SW8-I 通過 Cresnet 控制網路與 Crestron 控制系統進行通訊。DIN-8SW8-I 上提供了一對 Cresnet 埠,用於方便地將多個 DIN Rail 系列自動化控制模塊進行串聯。


  • 8通道電源開關
  • 8個電壓驅動獨立數字輸入
  • 支援120至240伏特
  • 50/60赫茲照明和馬達負載
  • 覆蓋輸入
  • Cresnet® 通訊
  • 可通過前面板或軟體進行設置
  • 可編程功能
  • 9M寬DIN軌道安裝


Crestron DIN-8SW8-I 8通道照明控制模塊
Crestron DIN-8SW8-I 8通道照明控制模塊

Crestron DIN-8SW8-I 8-Channel Lighting Control Module

The DIN-8SW8-I is an innovative lighting control module that provides support for non-dimmable lighting and fan switching across eight channels. The module is equipped with eight isolated digital inputs, which allow standard momentary switches to trigger events with or without a control system. The module is versatile and can handle both 120 and 220-240 Volt applications, making it suitable for a wide range of settings. With each channel capable of handling incandescent loads of up to 10 Amps, fluorescent loads of up to 5 Amps, and 1/2 HP motor loads, the DIN-8SW8-I is a reliable and robust solution for lighting and fan control.

*May not be compatible with some high inrush current loads.

Override Input

To enable external control over a control system program, an override input feature is often included. This feature allows an external contact closure to temporarily take over and set each channel output to its override preset state, independently of the control system program. The override preset state can be set and saved manually using the front panel of the device, or remotely via software. This feature can be particularly useful in emergency situations or when immediate changes are required to the system’s settings.

Isolated Local Inputs

The DIN-8SW8-I features eight isolated local inputs, which enable the use of momentary pushbutton keypads. When a momentary voltage is applied to each input, the associated relay will toggle on/off by default. Furthermore, the connected Crestron® control system can modify this behavior and create eight general-purpose inputs. In this mode, pushbutton keypads can be programmed to provide custom functionality, allowing for greater flexibility and control over the system.

DIN Rail Installation

The DIN-8SW8-I is specifically designed to be mounted onto a standard DIN rail, making it easy to install in a wall-mount enclosure. The unit features screw terminals located along the top and bottom of the device for convenient wiring connections, which are easily accessible from the front for effortless installation and servicing. The center front panel houses all setup controls and indicators, allowing for easy operation and monitoring of the device. Additionally, when the DIN-8SW8-I is installed in an enclosure with 45 mm cutouts, its front panel remains accessible while the connections are concealed, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


The DIN-8SW8-I is able to communicate with a Crestron control system through the Cresnet control network. To facilitate this communication, the device is equipped with a pair of Cresnet ports that can be used to daisy-chain multiple DIN Rail Series automation control modules together. This feature makes it easy to expand and customize the automation system according to specific needs, while maintaining a reliable and efficient communication network between the devices and the control system.

Key Features

  • 8 channels of power switching
  • 8 voltage-driven isolated digital inputs
  • Support for 120 to 240 Volt 50/60 Hz lighting and motor loads
  • Override input
  • Cresnet® communications
  • Setup via front panel or software
  • Programmable functionality
  • 9M wide DIN rail mounting

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