Digital Signage | 數碼顯示屏

Digital Signage allows users to spread important messages wisely and efficiently. Emergency meetings, service breakdown, winning business awards. No matter what happens, digital signage always sticks to its role: to boost morale and enhance employee communication.

Case Study

digital signage

Display system for Young Living

Wise AV Solution helps YOUNG LIVING set up an interactive display system. The customer can put the product on an display place, the detail of the product can be shown on the screen instancedly.


Custom-made kiosk for The Wellington

Our team helped Wellington to install a custom-made kiosk with waterproof function. It provides easy and convenient access to information, like the schedule of events, commercial advertisements and important announcement. Wise AV Solution Limited’s kiosk installation services will help you increase your enterprise value and create a positive image. 


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