Smart Classroom – Leading the New Era of Teaching

Smart classrooms are leading the way into a new era of teaching and learning. Powered by advanced COB (Chip-on-Board) display technology, smart education systems provide robust protection against moisture, mold, impact, dust, and static, while being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The integrated design combines Android/Windows systems, multi-touch screens, video switchers, transmission cards, and professional audio equipment, simplifying complex peripheral connections. This empowers more vivid and intuitive lectures, enhances efficient teacher-student interaction, and enables sharing of rich teaching resources.

Whether for real-time courseware display or remote collaboration, smart classrooms facilitate smooth and flexible learning experiences. As a key driving force for educational innovation, these systems enhance teaching efficiency and usher in a new era for both teachers and students.

Panel Appearance

The display solutions offer two panel sizes – 138-inch and 165-inch large displays, combined with single-sided or double-sided retractable whiteboard designs. This provides a flexible and visually impressive display solution.

The different panel sizes can meet the needs of various scenarios, integrating flexibility, interactivity, and superior visual experience. This can be considered an excellent solution in the smart classroom.

138-inch (Unilateral Lifting Whiteboard/Greenboard)

for small to medium-sized classrooms and meeting rooms


(Double Lifting Whiteboard/Greenboard)

for large classrooms and scenarios requiring a larger screen

Six Core Functions

Synchronous Display

  • Whiteboard writing is synchronized with the main screen
  • Supports multi-page, one-click saving
  • Page browsing and review

These features enhance the real-time sharing and interactivity of the written content, and also support digitized saving and page management functions.

Arbitrary Zooming

  • One finger flexible scaling
  • Adjust to a suitable size for writing

Users can flexibly adjust the size of the written content on the screen according to their needs, improving the comfort, flexibility, and efficiency of the writing experience.

Four Split-screen Whiteboards

  • Divided into four independent whiteboard regions
  • Encourage interaction by multiple people

Suitable for small group meetings and remote teaching, facilitating multi-party participation and collaboration, improving efficiency and interactivity. Provides a convenient teaching method for multi-person collaboration, which is helpful for in-depth discussions.

Support Multiple External Devices

  • Supports wireless connectivity and data transfer between different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Provides a secure and reliable communication protocol to ensure the Security of Data Transmission

This allows users to easily manage connected devices and supports file sharing, significantly improving user work efficiency and convenience.

Complete Annotation

  • Supports annotation and highlighting on the screen
  • Annotation content can be saved and shared
The flexible annotation capabilities not only enhance work and learning efficiency, but also facilitate exchange and collaboration among users. This functionality is particularly advantageous in education, training, design, and other similar domains.

Online Teaching

  • Integrating online and offline innovative blended learning model
  • Breaking spatial constraints

Through the intelligent presentation system, teachers can integrate online and offline teaching methods, enhance course flexibility, overcome geographical barriers, and maximize the utilization of educational resources.

Two Major Professional Certifications

The two professional certifications demonstrate the professionalism and applicability of the panel in the education industry, and are essential elements of smart classroom teaching equipment.

Soft Eye Protection

The panel adopts a special design that emits soft and even light, reducing eye strain.

Through the German Rhein TÜV Low Blue Light certification, the panel reduces the blue light component, providing a comfortable and vision-protective environment.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The panel has a standby power consumption of only 0.5W, significantly reducing energy waste during idle periods.

Precise pixel current control achieves more accurate brightness and darkness representation, resulting in an overall power consumption reduction of approximately 30%.

Scene Application in Education Sector

Multi-Functional Classroom – Unilateral Lifting  Whiteboard

The China Capital Market Institute has adopted a unilateral lifting whiteboard, which meets the display needs of small-sized classrooms, allowing students to view multimedia content more clearly and intuitively. The design fully meets the teaching requirements, enhancing teaching quality and efficiency.

Mid-Sized Classroom – Double Lifting Greenboard

The South China University of Technology has adopted a double lifting greenboard solution, expanding the available teaching writing space and allowing for the simultaneous display of more instructional content. The  design increases the writeable surface area, enabling teachers to flexibly switch between the left and right chalkboards for enhanced writing convenience.

Partner Colleges and Cases

Providing the smart education solutions to a number of prestigious universities, including Tsinghua University, Chengdu University of Technology, Xi’an University of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xihua University, South China University of Technology, China Construction Bank University, and Shandong University.
The integrated smart classroom solutions, equipped with large-size COB LED displays and motorized height-adjustable whiteboards, have significantly enhanced the efficiency and interactivity of classroom teaching.
Through technological innovation and professional services, we have created a comprehensive and high-quality smart teaching environment for universities. Our exceptional products and solutions have achieved breakthroughs in large-sized displays, electronic whiteboards, and interactive software systems, providing more advanced and flexible solutions for teaching scenarios.
Our product portfolio and professional service model are leading the development of smart classroom construction on campuses, building an intelligent and modern teaching environment.