Video Conferencing Solution | 視像會議方案

We provide professional solution for video conferencing, so when teachers, students, administrative staff making presentations in the classroom or office can be easy and convenient.

Case Study

conference room

Conference hall upgrade

Wise AV Solution Limited provides conference hall upgrade service. Our team helped installed new equipments and system. MICROFLEX WIRELESS system and Access Point Transceiver installed in the conference room. Gooseneck conference meeting microphone(MXWNCS8, MXW8) were set up in the venue. 

conference room

Container Conference Room

To provide a private space to host meetings or take a break, Wise Av Solution Limited helped Logistics companies to install six container conference room with different room sizes. Two container conference rooms can be also combined into one when the meeting has more attendees. Our team also assisted in the conference room equipment setup, we installed projectors, TV, audio to facilitate effective communication in the conference. 


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