Kramer DSP-62-UC Audio Matrix Switcher

6×2 PoE 音頻矩陣 DSP,具備 HDMI 切換器、AEC 和 HDBaseT

  • 多通道 DSP
  • AEC (聲學回聲消除)
  • 通過 HDBaseT 擴展視頻和 USB 外設
  • 直觀和全面的配置和控制
  • 支援 HDMI 音頻解嵌出
  • 符合類別的 USB 音頻接口


6×2 PoE Audio Matrix DSP with HDMI Switcher, AEC & HDBaseT


Kramer DSP-62-UC 音頻矩陣切換器

DSP-62-UC 屬於 Kramer XSPerience 系列 DSP 產品的一員,是一款先進的專業 6 x 2 音頻矩陣切換器,包括多通道 DSP、AEC(聲學回聲消除)、HDMI 音頻解嵌出和符合類別的 USB 音頻接口。全面且易於使用的圖形界面使得配置音頻系統的每個細節變得直觀和簡單。


採用專業級工作室信號轉換技術,包括最新一代32位先進的DAC架構,實現優秀的動態性能和對時鐘抖動的改進容限。可選擇高達96 kHz的取樣率,保持原始音頻信號的質量。頻率響應平坦,音質表現卓越,信噪比優秀,失真水平非常低。



可靠的 PoE(以太網)供電

可從遠程 PoE 提供者接受電源,也可通過連接的電源適配器進行網格供電。


提供 DSP(數字聲音處理),可同時處理所有輸入和輸出信號。


具有聲學回音消除 (AEC) 功能,可避免麥克風捕捉到來自遠端的回音,只分享直接講話的音頻,提高視像會議的效果。

自動和手動的 HDMI 信號切換



通過功能強大、易於使用的圖形界面,可以設置每個輸入的音量、增益和衰減,以及 DSP 。還可以執行路由和在每個端口上選擇線輸入、麥克風輸入、幻影電源或線輸出等功能。使用 RS-232 通信傳輸的 API 命令,可以通過 PC、觸摸屏系統或其他串行控制器控制信號路由、音量和其他基本設置。


可以從 HDMI 輸入中分離出音頻信號,以便在任一輸出端口進行路由。




透過LED指示燈顯示主電源、線路輸入/輸出、麥克風輸入、裝置過載和HDMI輸入選擇等信息,有助於進行本地維護和排除故障。通過USB type-B端口進行本地固件升級,確保經過長期實地驗證的部署。


超小型 MegaTOOLS® 無風扇外殼,可進行表面安裝或並排安裝兩個單元在1U的機架空間中,建議使用機架轉接器。

Kramer DSP-62-UC 音頻矩陣切換器

Kramer DSP-62-UC Audio Matrix Switcher

The DSP-62-UC belongs to the Kramer XSPerience lineup of DSP products. It is a state-of-the-art 6×2 audio matrix switcher designed for professional use, featuring multi-channel DSP, AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), HDMI de-embedding, and a class-compliant USB audio interface. With its intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface, configuring all aspects of your audio system is a breeze.

Advanced Audio Matrix Switcher

Boasts professional studio-grade signal conversion technology, with cutting-edge features such as the latest 32-bit advanced Digital Analog Converter architecture, which allows for exceptional dynamic performance and improved tolerance to clock jitter. The switcher maintains the quality of the original audio signal with selectable sampling rates of up to 96 kHz, and offers a flat frequency response, unparalleled sonic performance, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and extremely low distortion levels.

Wide Range of I/O Formats

comes equipped with a variety of input and output options, including 2 HDMI inputs, 1 unbalanced input and 4 balanced analog audio inputs, 2 balanced analog audio outputs, 1 HDBaseT output, and 1 bidirectional USB plug-and-play audio port.

Reliable PoE (Power over Ethernet) Powering

The switcher can be powered via PoE from a remote provider, with the option of additional mains power via a connected power adapter.

Multi–Channel Processing

Provides DSP (Digital Sound Processing) that enables simultaneous processing of all input and output signals.

Teleconference Optimized

The switcher is equipped with AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) technology, which prevents the microphone from picking up any echoed speech from the far end, ensuring that only the audio spoken directly into the microphone is shared.

Auto & Manual Switching Between HDMI Sources

Switching can be controlled manually using the front panel buttons, or automatically based on priority or last connected status.

Intuitive and Comprehensive Configuration and Control

Through the utilization of a powerful and user-friendly graphical interface, one can effectively set the volume (gain and attenuation) and digital signal processing (DSP) per input. Furthermore, the routing can be executed and the selection between line in, microphone in, phantom power, or line out on each port can be made. The configuration of the master level and other relevant settings can also be achieved. Basic settings such as signal routing and volume can be controlled through API commands transmitted via RS-232 communication from a PC, touch screen system, or other serial controller.

Audio De–embedding

The device has the capability to de-embed the audio signal from the HDMI input, allowing for routing to any of the available outputs.


The system has the ability to support a maximum of 10 global presets along with 10 mixer snapshot presets.

Easy, Cost–Effective Maintenance

LED indicators are present for main power, line in/out, mic in, clipping, and HDMI input selection, making local maintenance and troubleshooting a seamless process. Firmware upgrades can be done locally via the USB type-B port, ensuring reliable and long-lasting deployment.

Easy Installation

The device comes in a compact MegaTOOLS® fan-less enclosure that allows for easy surface mounting or side-by-side mounting of two units in a single rack space, with the use of the recommended rack adapter.