What we do?

HD Video Wall design

HD Video Wall is a full-screen mosaic wall of display units, which is easy to combine with. You can use alone as a monitor, small-screen or combined as a large screen to use.

Digital Electronic Broadcasting System

High resolution electronic billboards is more effective than traditional advertising signage to attract attention of the store customers.

Intelligent Design Central Control System

Through wireless network, you can make use of smart phones, tablet computers or electronic controller board, control the electric equipments in the office or home.

Interactive Audio-visual System

Diversified electronic presentation tools, so when teachers, students, administrative staff making presentations in the classroom or office can be easy and convenient.

Audiovisual Systems Relocation Services

Business environment keeps changing. When customer comes to the needs of relocation, we will provide a tailor-made solution to help them make the best use of the original video and audio presentation equipment, which saving costs of delivery.

Equipment Rental Services

We can provide a number of leading brands of audio-visual equipment, LED screen, projector, and projector screen for rent.

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