Room Booking System | 智能辦公室預約系統

Our solutions strive to offer the best user experience to our business partners while upgrading corporate image and improving staff efficiency. And we are going to provide several technical Room Booking systems, which consist of software for room scheduling, hardware interfaces and digital signage.

Case Study


Multi-function Room for The Education University of Hong Kong

Wise AV Solution installed a Multi-Functional Meeting Room along with some fundamental equipment in campus of The Education University of Hong Kong. To effectively provide a silent area for students. The room was designed in a simple style, with built-in conference tables and chairs.


Room Booking System

Crestron room scheduling makes it simple to locate your own meeting space. It offers a complete platform and runs the built-in software you prefer, that directly connects to Exchange, Office 365 and Suite. Crestron has a range of touch screens designed for use in the modern workplace.


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