Don’t let echo, noise, or distortion take over the meeting. The IntelliMix® P300 enhances every aspect of conference audio. Combined with Microflex® Advance™ or Microflex® Wireless microphones, the clear sound reproduction and intelligent mixing keeps the agenda on track with clear communication.



Automatic mixing. Quick set up.

  • Connects 10 Dante audio inputs, 2 analog inputs, USB and a mobile device to an AV conferencing system or a PC-based videoconferencing application
  • Includes Shure developed DSP algorithms to enhance audio quality in AV conferences: 8 channels of microphone processing featuring AEC, noise reduction, and automatic gain control, IntelliMix automatic mixing, matrix mixing, delay, compressor and PEQ
  • Flexible signal routing and connectivity: analog audio (2 block in / 2 block out) to connect to room AV conferencing system; USB (1 in/out) to connect to laptop or room PC; one 3.5 mm TRRS jack to connect to a mobile device to enable an additional participant to join
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) eliminates the need for an outboard power supply
  • Compact form factor is easy to mount without equipment rack

View the P300 Software GUI Demo.

The IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor offers a predefined matrix and presets to simplify the set up process reducing the lengthy commissioning time often associated with DSP. The unobtrusive form factor allows discrete installations, making it compatible for a wider variety of meeting rooms. Versatile connectivity options provide freedom of choice when joining a room video system including via soft codec, or connecting laptops and mobile devices. Featuring acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic gain control for up to 8 Dante channels, the P300 ensures echo- and noise-free conference room audio.


Streamline the audio experience for every discussion. Fixed architecture provides simple setup, requiring less DSP programming and commissioning time. Multiple connectivity options allow for seamless integration with Shure conferencing microphones, laptops and even mobile devices. Easy, rackless mounting enables quick, compact integration behind a display, under a table, or in a credenza. The IntelliMix P300 makes sound smarter, faster.

Audio enhanced
Echo cancellation. Noise reduction. Automatic mixing. Automatic gain control. Your conference is only as good as your audio.
Clever Operation
Intuitive, programming-free LED mute sync functionality with leading third-party software codecs including Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.
Scale Up
Easily add a presenter mic or control additional zoned loudspeakers with onboard matrix mixing for sound reinforcement applications
Connect with Confidence
Driverless USB audio connection to PCs for soft codecs. Analog I/O for hard codecs. 3.5 mm connection to mobile phones to bridge a remote caller. Design projects offline with Designer System Configuration Software for simple project management. Seamlessly compatible with Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless conferencing microphones for a complete Shure ecosystem.
Meet In Confidence
Shure Audio Encryption utilizes AES-256 technology to protect confidential content.

  • * Dante Domain Manager / Device Lock compatible
  • Discretely mounts underneath a table or behind a display
  • Versatile connectivity and powerful DSP for AV conferencing
  • Easily setup and deploy settings with Designer System Configuration Software
  • Monitor and manage with SystemOn Audio Asset Management software
  • PoE+ powered eliminates the need for an outboard power supply