Mipro ACT2412A/ACT24HC*2/MP80 (Digital 2.4G Hands Micro System)


ACT-2412A split antenna 1U dual channel receiver

  • A dual-channel receiver is assembled using a metal chassis in 1U.
  • The unique panel shape and operation method of the MIPRO digital model.
  • The most stable FSK digital modulation circuit transceiver system is used, and all frequency of use is covered in a single frequency band.
  • Adopting FHSS frequency hopping and pure automatic signal receiving mode, it effectively staggers the interference of Wi-Fi and 2.4GHz communication products, and receives long-distance signals.
  • With a dual tuner, the receiving distance is far away, eliminating the lack of receiving a disconnect.
  • The circuit board is precise, the structure is simple and firm, and the failure rate is extremely low.
  • The panel uses a graphic OLED with no dead ends.

ACT24HC * 2

  • Exclusive unique shape and color, ergonomically comfortable grip, shaping MIPRO’s original style.
  • It is equipped with MIPRO’s own capacitive and moving coil head module. It has an exclusive shape of multi-layer high-rigidity metal inner and outer net cover, which replaces the general cheap sponge net cover, which is resistant to falling, rolling, anti-smashing and clear sound. The net cover can be separated and disassembled to ensure the microphone is clean and hygienic.
  • The patented head suspension design exhibits ultra-low touch and knocking noise characteristics.
  • The first ACT function automatically and automatically locks the receiver working channel. Switch two output powers.
  • The input sensitivity setting 0dB is equal to the head sensitivity, high dynamic input characteristics, and loud singing without distortion.
  • The rechargeable model has an ICR 18500 rechargeable lithium battery built in. It can be plugged into a dedicated charging stand for charging at any time. It can also be taken out of the battery and display the battery power with a high-brightness LED light.

MP-80 transmitter double slot charging stand

Smart, high-efficiency and high-security three-in-one multi-function dual-slot charging stand, providing MIPRO various hand-held, wearable transmitters and single ICR 18500 lithium battery for simultaneous charging, and storage tank for two full Backup battery. With fast charging and slow charging function, battery short circuit and polarity error protection circuit, power indicator light and charging interpretation lamp, it can accurately display the battery charging action to ensure battery charging safety. The charging stand can be used alone or in combination with unlimited connections. The MP-80 charging stand can be used with two charging stand adapters and mounts.