AKG WMS470 wireless microphone with D5 microphone

Perfect for:

  • Musical, opera
  • Live applications
  • Houses of worship
  • Conferencing

Setting up a high-end wireless system has never been so easy. The WMS 470
The advantages of the high-end WMS 4500 electronics with the user friendliness of an entry-level system.

  • NEW automatic frequency setup function
  • Rugged and reliable for professional applications
  • Up to 48 wireless channels and 16 channels within a single frequency band
  • Pilot tone system
  • Space diversity receiver with all-metal case for reliable reception
  • AKG reference compander technology for superior sound
  • Quick and easy transmitter setup via infrared
  • Programmable warning functions


Professional wireless microphone system

More flexible and scalable

Suitable for conferences, medium-sized theaters and churches WMS470 professional-grade analog multi-channel wireless microphone system is the best choice for cost-effective multi-channel systems. In the same frequency band, WMS470 can use up to 16 channels simultaneously.

The pilot tone can help the user prevent accidental startup noise, and it can continuously transmit transmitter data including battery low battery information to the receiver. The revolutionary power management system allows the system to operate up to 14 hours with only one AA alkaline battery.

If a Ni-MH rechargeable battery is used, it can be charged in the transmitter by means of an optional CU400 charging adapter.


  • Compatible with WMS4000 accessories for multi-channel systems for use in demanding environments
  • Use only one battery for 14 hours of work with AA alkaline dry batteries for minimum cost of ownership •
  • Pilot tone transmission for transmitter battery status monitoring and tone squelch
  • Up to 46 simultaneous channels for mixing several bands
  • Enhanced automation with channel preview for quick and easy system setup

The vocal package D5 includes a handheld transmitter that uses a D5 dynamic pickup to provide a well-balanced, powerful sound.

The spatial diversity receiver provides a microphone level and a line level output interface.

WMS450, vocal package D5 includes:

  • 1 x SR470 receiver
  • 1 x HT470 D5 pickup head handheld transmitter
  • 1 x microphone clip
  • 1 x universal power supply with Hong Kong / US / UK / Europe conversion head
  • 2 x antenna