MIPRO MA-100DB Dual Channel Ultra Mini Wireless Megaphone

MA-100SB / MA-100DB shoulder-mounted wireless megaphone is the most compact, full-featured, and brightest innovative model on the market today. Used with various hand-held, lapel or head-mounted transmitters in teaching, assembly, commentary of various events, exhibition advertisements, tour coach guides or parades, commanding loudspeakers for election activities, computer multimedia Small places such as Jianting are the most convenient weapon for PA.


  • School classroom
  • Religious gathering
  • Briefings, seminars and conferences
  • Kindergarten, playground
  • Indoor and outdoor gatherings
  • Travel guide and broadcast
  • Fire disaster relief, law enforcement, search and rescue
  • Street artist
  • Factory or company visit


  • Using the latest UHF PLL ACT series automatic selection receiver module, it is the first hidden, high-efficiency active receiving antenna that avoids breakage, and has a long and stable receiving distance.
  • Uses Class D amplifier circuit to drive high-efficiency full-range speakers, which can be used with wired microphones, various hand-held, lavalier or head-mounted transmitters and USB to play music and recordings. Speech is effortless. Distortion, showing the most clear and powerful sound reinforcement effect, built-in powerful alarm sound, the most intimate control panel design, the easiest to operate.
  • The built-in high-capacity lithium battery greatly reduces the weight of the fuselage, charging for 4 hours and continuous standby for more than 10 hours.
  • It is easy to hang on the shoulder, carry it on the table, or set it on a tripod. It is used for teaching, assembly, commentary of various activities, advertising of exhibitions, command of tour guides or parades, portable amplification of election visits, computer multimedia The most convenient and best sound reinforcement weapon for small places such as listening to sound reinforcement.

Amplifier Class D, maximum output 50 W, distortion <1%, frequency response 50 Hz ~ 18 kHz
Sensitivity Normal: 90 dB, max: 102 dB
speaker 5 inch full range high efficiency speakers
Bluetooth function MA-100SB: Standard
MA-100DB: optional
Source input Microphone: Ø 6.3 mm socket. LINE IN: Ø 3.5 mm socket. Independent volume control
Source output LINE OUT Ø 3.5 mm socket
Alarm With high-efficiency siren
Carrying and erecting Shoulder-hanging, hand-held, tripod mounts can be mounted on a tripod
power supply Built-in 14.8 V / 2.6 A lithium battery and additional 100 ~ 240 V AC switching power supply (DC maximum power consumption 60 W)
Charging time 4 hours (automatic charge management)
Standby time MA-100SB: 12 hours or more
MA-100DB: 10 hours or more
Battery capacity display 4 segment LED lights show battery level and charging status
Chassis color Available in pure black and pure white
Size (length × height × width) 135 140 × × mm 240
Weight (with battery) MA-100SB: approx. 1.8 kg
MA-100DB: approx. 1.9 kg
Wireless microphone receiver
Built-in receiver MA-100SB: single channel
MA-100DB: dual channel
Receiving module UHF PLL circuit with Auto Scan and ACT
Frequency Range 480 ~ 934 MHz
Bandwidth and preset frequency Within 24 MHz bandwidth, 16 non-interfering frequencies can be switched
Matching transmitter With ACT-32H / ACT-32T, optional ACT-32HC / ACT-32TC
Wired microphone MM-107 (optional)
antenna hidden
Music player
Built-in USB dock USB 2.0
Recording and playback function With LCD display playback and recording status, track, song name, time …
Operating mode Operate directly on the cabinet, USB can be operated remotely
Certification and patent With new style patents, through domestic and international radio wave regulations and safety regulations
Remark If there are any errors in the specifications, the actual products are based.
The carrier frequency range, high-frequency output power, and maximum offset are different according to national radio wave regulations.