Extron IPL T PC1i IP Link AC Power and Device Controller

Key Features

  • Web-based remote AC power and device control with scheduling
  • One female IEC power outlet
  • One bidirectional RS-232 serial port
  • One IR port
  • One contact closure input for detecting a switch closure
  • Integral high-performance Web server


The Extron IPL T PC1i AC Power and Device Controller features a single AC power outlet, bidirectional RS-232, IR output, and a contact closure input. When paired with an IP Link control processor, this power controller can be used with a TouchLink touchpanel. The IPL T PC1i integrates Ethernet technology into systems, enabling flexible, centralized, Web-based power and device management.

The IPL T PC1i supplies up to 10A of 220VAC power, using an IEC outlet. It can be used to cycle power to a “frozen” AV device or be configured to turn the device ON or OFF at scheduled times for security and energy savings. For real time notification, the controller can be programmed to send out an e-mail when each event is performed.

Web-based AV device management is further enhanced by the RS-232 and IR ports which can be used to remotely control the operation of a DVD player, VCR, or display.

The contact closure input port can detect a switch closure. A monitor can be set that triggers an action, such as sounding an alarm when a door is opened or when a motion detector detects movement.

The IPL T PC1i controller can be configured using Extron’s easy-to-use free configuration software, Global Configurator, and works well alongside other IP Link products for remote AV system management and control using the free GlobalViewer Web application.

The integration of AC power control with device control in a single enclosure, makes the IPL T PC1i ideal for a wide variety of remote networked applications.


  • Web-based remote AC power and device control with scheduling
  • One female IEC power outlet — The AC power outlet can be controlled remotely from any Web browser and scheduled for automatic powering ON or OFF daily.
  • One bidirectional RS-232 serial port — For remotely and proactively monitoring and troubleshooting a projector, flat-panel display, or other serially controlled device.
  • One IR port — For controlling a professional or consumer device that is controllable only through IR, such as a DVD player.
  • One contact closure input for detecting a switch closure — Can be used to trigger an action, such as sound an alarm when a door is opened or when a motion detector detects movement.
  • E-mail notification enables proactive support — Technical support administrators and others can receive failure and service messages through an e-mail enabled cell phone, PDA, pager, or Internet e-mail account.
  • Integral high-performance Web server — The IPL T PC1 and IPL T PC1i feature a built-in Web server with memory available for storing device drivers, GlobalViewer, and custom user Web pages.
  • AC outlet status is retained during power loss — The internal memory of the IPL T PC1 and IPL T PC1i is unaffected with power loss, ensuring that only a device that was on before the outage will be restarted. All user defined settings are retained in the event of power outage.
  • Front panel security lockout — If used in an unsecured environment where easy access is undesirable, a security lock-out feature may be implemented. During lock-out mode, a special button combination is required to operate the front panel.
  • Supports industry standard communications protocols — All IP Link models use industry standard communication protocols, including ARP, ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, SMTP, and Telnet.
  • Simultaneous multi-user support — Each IP Link device supports multiple concurrent users, improving system throughput.
  • Multiple levels of access with password protection — User access level authorizes limited entry to only pre-designated functions, while administrator access level permits full access to advanced settings.
  • Free, easy-to-use Global Configurator software — Global Configurator software, a free Windows® based configuration utility, makes product setup simple and intuitive – no programming knowledge is required.
  • Free GlobalViewer® Web-based AV resource management application — When used with GlobalViewer, IP Link control processors provide a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control both Extron and third-party equipment like projectors, plasmas, monitors, VCRs, DVD players, and other devices using a standard TCP/IP network.