Logitech Rally Bar Mini


  • Rally Bar Mini
  • 電源供應器
  • AC 電源線
  • HDMI 連接線
  • USB 連接線
  • 遙控器
  • 主鏡頭的鏡頭蓋與 AI 取景器
  • 使用者文件

Premier all-in-one video bar for small to medium rooms

  • Rally Bar Mini
    Power supply
    AC power cord
    HDMI cable
    USB cable
    Remote control
    Lens cap and AI Viewfinder for main camera
    User documentation
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Logitech Rally Bar Mini

憑藉雙攝像頭系統和RightSight 2自動對焦技術,Rally Bar歡迎遠程參與者加入對話。您可以選擇網格視圖來消除空白空間,並將每個人的畫面分開;說話人視圖可突出顯示當前發言人;或選擇群組視圖,以捕捉房間中的每個人。



  • 馬達水平和垂直旋轉,搭配RightSight 2自動取景功能
  • 高達4K解析度的銳利光學效果
  • AI取景器可持續提供房間視野和人數統計

Rally Bar Mini的先進音頻工程技術提供豐富、自然的聲音,確保每個聲音都能清晰地聽到。

  • 高性能揚聲器單體
  • 自適應波束成形麥克風
  • 專利的防震懸掛系統
  • 增強低頻的反射管,實現全雙工通訊系統

AI音頻優化 – 使用根據人工智能的RightSound技術持續改善聲音,自動調節過大和過小的聲音,同時抑制不必要的噪音。

自適應波束成形 – 高精度波束成形麥克風可聚焦於當前發言人。


使用Rally Mic Pods可輕鬆應對更大的空間。Rally Bar Mini開箱即用的接收範圍可達7米,您還可以通過添加多達三個Mic Pods來顯著擴大接收範圍。


只需按一下,即可啟動會議,將Rally Bar Mini與您預先設定的房間解決方案無縫連接。


設備模式 – 可直接在設備上運行支持的視訊會議應用程序,如Zoom®、Microsoft Teams®等,無需電腦或筆記本電腦。

USB模式 – 通過USB連接到幾乎任何PC或Mac,無需安裝額外軟件。

線路收納 – 通過安全的纜線固定和最小化纜線,確保安裝乾淨、可靠。

安裝選項 – 利用多種安裝選項,快速輕鬆地在所有小型會議室中部署Rally Bar Mini。


使用Logitech Sync輕鬆管理您的Logitech視訊協作設備。從單一的基於雲的平台監視房間健全狀況、部署更新和修改設置。而且,使用Sync Insights,您可以看到會議空間的使用情況隨時間變化。




Logitech Select是一個全面的服務計劃,為您指定的每個房間提供可靠性、連續性和安心的服務。Select提供24/7全年無休支援、專屬的客戶服務經理、產品更換、加速的RMA、現場備用零件和高級Sync分析,包括通過ServiceNow整合的可定制警報。






Logitech Rally Bar Mini
Logitech Rally Bar Mini


Logitech Rally Bar

Logitech Rally Bar Mini

Rally Bar features a dual-camera system and RightSight 2 auto-framing technology, making it easy for remote participants to join the conversation. Choose Grid View to eliminate empty space and have each person in their own stream, Speaker View to highlight the current speaker, or Group View to see everyone in the meeting room.

Realistic visual effects

An innovative dual-camera system with optical zoom and an AI viewfinder delivers fluid, cinematic video in small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

  • Motorized pan and tilt with RightSight 2 auto-framing
  • Razor-sharp optics with resolutions up to 4K
  • AI viewfinder providing persistent room view and people count during meetings
Excellent sound

Rally Bar Mini’s advanced audio engineering provides rich, natural sound, ensuring every voice is heard clearly.

  • High-performance speaker drivers
  • Auto-beamforming microphone
  • Patented anti-vibration suspension system for full-duplex functionality
  • Port tube for enhanced low-frequency response

AI Sound Optimization – Utilizing AI-based RightSound technology that continually improves, automatically adjusts levels of loud and soft voices while suppressing unwanted noise.

Auto-beamforming – Utilizing high-precision beamforming microphones to focus on the current speaker.

Expand the conversation

Easily accommodate larger spaces with Rally Mic Pods. Out of the box, Rally Bar Mini has a pickup range up to 7 meters, which you can significantly extend by adding up to three Mic Pods.

Works with your preferred platform

Start your meeting with just one touch, seamlessly connecting Rally Bar Mini to your preconfigured room solution.


Appliance Mode – Run supported video conferencing applications – such as Zoom®, Microsoft Teams®, and others – directly on the device with no computer or laptop required.

USB Mode – Connect via USB to virtually any PC or Mac with no additional software needed.

Cable Management – Ensure clean, confident installs with secure cable retention and minimal cabling.

Mounting Options – Take advantage of multiple mounting options to deploy Rally Bar Mini quickly and easily across all your small meeting rooms.

Simple to manage

Easily manage your Logitech video collaboration devices with Logitech Sync. Monitor room health, deploy updates, and modify settings all from a single cloud-based platform. And with Sync Insights, you can see how meeting spaces are utilized over time.

Powered by CollabOS

Deploy video collaboration solutions at scale with CollabOS, the secure operating system powering Logitech appliances and select devices.

An all-in-one service plan

Logitech Select is a comprehensive service plan that delivers reliability, continuity, and peace of mind for each room you designate. Select provides 24/7 support, a Dedicated Customer Service Manager, product replacement, accelerated RMA, onsite spares, and advanced Sync analytics including customizable alerts through ServiceNow integration.

Up to five-year warranty

Purchasing an extended offers security and peace of mind that comes with knowing your Logitech video collaboration room systems and devices are protected against defects for up to five years from the purchase date. Extended warranties are available for either one year or three years beyond the original Logitech manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

Logitech’s Sustainability Action

Logitech is committed to creating a more sustainable world. We are actively working to reduce our environmental footprint and accelerate the pace of social change.

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