LEA CONNECTSERIES 354 4-Channel Amplifier

LEA Professional Network Connect 354N是一款先進的網絡功率放大器,提供四個高品質音頻通道和多種功能。該產品配備了Dante和AES67網絡音頻傳輸協議,可輕鬆集成到任何網絡音頻系統中。其內置的Web服務器允許用戶從任何地方通過Web瀏覽器監控、控制和配置設備。此外,它還具備LEA Professional的專利LoadSmart技術,可以動態調整功率輸出,確保最佳性能和效率,是各種商業安裝的理想選擇。

The LEA Professional Network Connect 354N is an advanced networked power amplifier that provides four channels of high-quality audio with various features. The product is equipped with Dante and AES67 network audio transport protocols, making it easy to integrate into any networked audio system. Its built-in web server allows users to monitor, control, and configure the device through a web browser from anywhere. Additionally, it features LEA Professional’s patented LoadSmart technology, which dynamically adjusts power output to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, making it an ideal option for a variety of commercial installations.



CONNECTSERIES 354是一款每通道350瓦的4通道放大器。作為Network CONNECTSERIES的一員,這是世界上第一款支持物聯網(IoT)的專業級放大器,非常適合小型到中型的安裝工程。354設有直接HiZ(70V或100V)或LoZ兩個頻道可以選擇。354一共有三種連接方式,你可以使用內置的Wi-Fi訪問點,連接場地的 Wi-Fi,或使用FAST以太網通過Cat5或Cat6電纜連接到任何本地區域網絡。

此外,Network CONNECTSERIES還具備雲連接功能,是第一個具備雲連接功能的專業放大器系列。使用The Cloud的能力實現遠程控制、監控、通知等功能,並可使用個人設備進行操作。只需將放大器連接到網絡,即可開始對系統進行指令操作。

Network CONNECTSERIES還具有模擬輸入和外部I/O控制,可實現遠程開關和錯誤監控。

  1. 內置Wi-Fi訪問點
  2. 現有的Wi-Fi網絡
  3. 本地區域網絡









帶有PFC,可在100VAC – 240VAC +/-15%的範圍內運作



96KHz 模擬設備 DSP
  • 輸入路由
  • 48dB/Oct 交叉篩濾器
  • 8個參數均衡器濾鏡
  • 用戶可調節的揚聲器限制器
  • 實時負載監測





LEA CONNECTSERIES 354 4-Channel Amplifier

LEA CONNECTSERIES 354 4-Channel Amplifier

The CONNECTSERIES 354 is a powerful 4-channel amplifier that delivers 350 watts per channel. Part of the Network CONNECTSERIES, the world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) enabled professional-grade amplifiers, it is an ideal solution for small to medium-scale installations. The 354 supports direct HiZ (70V or 100V) or LoZ selectable by channel. It provides three ways to connect, including built-in Wi-Fi access point, venue Wi-Fi, or FAST Ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

One of the most exciting features of the Network CONNECTSERIES is its Cloud connectivity. As the first professional amplifier family to feature Cloud connectivity, users can remotely control, monitor, receive notifications, and more from any personal device. Simply connect the amplifier to a network and start commanding the system through the power of the Cloud.

The Network CONNECTSERIES also features analog inputs and external I/O control for remote on/off and fault monitoring.

3 ways to connect
  1. Built-in Wi-Fi Acces Point
  2. Existing Wi-Fi Network
  3. Local Area Network
web browser-based ui

Works on any web browser on any device with no software downloads

cloud control

Remote control and monitoring from anywhere in the world – no VPN needed.

direct low-z & hi-z

70V or 100V selectable per channel

smart power bridge

Double the power any single channel without sacrificing other amp channels

universal switch-mode power supply

with PFC – Operation from 100VAC – 240VAC +/-15%

analog balanced inputs

Fully routable via input matrix in Web UI or Cloud platform

96Khz analog devices dsp
  • Input Routing
  • 48dB/Oct crossover filters
  • 8 Parametric EQ filters
  • User-adjustable speaker limiters
  • Real-time load monitoring
external i/o port

For Remote ON/OFF and Fault Monitoring

highly efficient class-d output stage

For low AC Current Draw

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