Extron IPL T PCS4 Four Port Power Control and Current Sensor

Key Features

  • Remote on/off control of individual AC power outlets
  • Intelligent current sensing with alarm thresholds
  • Power up sequencing
  • Outlet grouping
  • Integrated high performance Web server
  • 7.25 MB of available flash memory


The IPL T PCS4 Four Port Power Control and Current Sensor offers centralized power management for up to four AC outlets. When paired with an IP Link control processor, this power controller can be used with a TouchLink touchpanel. The IPL T PCS4 features four 120VAC Edison outlets with a maximum 10 amp load and integrates Ethernet technology into systems, enabling flexible, centralized, Web-based power and device management.

The IPL T PCS4 allows administrators to remotely control individual outlets and assign outlets to groups for simultaneous control and monitoring of multiple outlets. Outlets can be turned ON or OFF manually or scheduled for automatic operation. For event logging and record keeping, the IPL T PCS4 can be programmed to send out an e-mail notification as each scheduled on/off event is performed.

The IPL T PCS4 also features intelligent current sensing. Thresholds can be set to define full power and standby states for individual devices and user-configurable alarms can be triggered when a threshold is reached or a change is detected. Users can view the immediate status of all connected devices and determine at a glance whether a device is drawing full current, in a standby state, or not drawing any current at all.

When power is restored following an outage, the IPL T PCS4 will power up devices in a specific sequence rather than all at once to avoid tripping breakers. This prevents power surges at startup. When the IPL T PCS4 restarts, outlets are powered up sequentially with a user-configurable delay between each one. The internal memory of the IPL T PCS4 will ensure that only those devices that were on before the outage will be restarted.


  • Four female Edison A/C outlets
  • Remote on/off control of individual AC power outlets — Individual AC outlets can be turned ON or OFF from any Web-browser by an administrator and scheduled for automatic powering ON and OFF daily. Users can view the real time status and current schedule for all connected devices. Monitoring AV device status with intelligent sensing capabilities provides proactive maintenance and service capabilities.
  • Intelligent current sensing with alarm thresholds — User defined thresholds can be set for specific AV devices denoting full power consumption, standby status or an off and physically disconnected state. Administrators can monitor AV systems for conditions or events that are inappropriate, such as unwanted power down situations or unplanned disconnected products.
  • Power up sequencing — Prevents an in-rush power overload. In the event of power loss and restart, power outlet receptacles can be powered on sequentially with a user-configurable delay between each one. The power up sequencing feature precludes all outlets from powering-on at once, averting a power overload spike and a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
  • Outlet grouping — Allows two or more receptacles to be linked so that power can be cycled to them simultaneously with one command. This feature works well for computer workstations and other equipment with two or more AC requirements.
  • Front panel security lockout — If used in an unsecured environment where easy access is undesirable, a security lock-out feature may be implemented. During lock-out mode, a special button combination is required to operate the front panel.
  • Outlet status retention during power loss — The internal memory of the IPL T PCS4 is unaffected with power loss, ensuring that only those devices that were on before the outage will be restarted. In addition, configured outlet grouping, thresholds, and all other user defined settings are retained in the event of power outage.
  • Contact closure alarm port — Alarm conditions can actuate a contact closure based on user defined parameters. This is useful for simple alarm notification and diagnostic applications where an enhanced control system is not present.
  • Integrated high performance Web server — The IPL T PCS4 features a built-in Web server with memory available for storing device drivers, GlobalViewer, and custom user Web pages.
  • 7.25 MB of available flash memory
  • Supports industry standard communications protocols — All IP Link models use industry standard communication protocols, including ARP, ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, SMTP, and Telnet.
  • Simultaneous multi-user support — Each IP Link device supports multiple concurrent users, improving system throughput.
  • Multiple levels of access with password protection — User access level authorizes limited entry to only pre-designated functions, while administrator access level permits full access to advanced settings.
  • Free, easy-to-use Global Configurator software — Global Configurator software, a free Windows® based configuration utility, makes product setup simple and intuitive – no programming knowledge is required.
  • Free GlobalViewer® Web-based AV resource management application — When used with GlobalViewer, IP Link control processors provide a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control both Extron and third-party equipment like projectors, plasmas, monitors, VCRs, DVD players, and other devices using a standard TCP/IP network.
  • Internal Extron Everlast™ power supply — Provides worldwide power compatibility with high‑demonstrated reliability and low power consumption for reduced operating cost
  • Extron Everlast Power Supply is covered by a 7‑year parts and labor warranty