Crestron CP4-R Control Processor

4系列™控制處理器,適用於Crestron Home® OS。

為Crestron Home® OS提供安全、高性能、可架式的控制處理器和接口。擁有完整的控制端口,可以處理更大的家庭自動化、家庭影院、多房間視頻和MDU(多住宅單位)應用。4-Series™多核心CPU處理器提供卓越的速度和性能。

4-Series™ Control Processor for Crestron Home® OS

The Crestron CP4-R offers a secure and high-performance solution for controlling and interfacing with Crestron Home™ OS. This rack-mountable control processor comes equipped with a full range of onboard control ports, making it suitable for handling larger home automation, home theater, multiroom video, and MDU (multidwelling unit) applications. The CP4-R utilizes a 4-Series multicore CPU processor, delivering exceptional speed and performance for advanced automated systems.


Crestron CP4-R 控制處理器

Crestron CP4-R是一款安全、高性能、可架式的控制處理器,搭載了內置的Crestron Home®操作系統。它專門設計用作Crestron Home系統的核心,具備增強的處理能力,可以處理更大的家庭自動化、家庭影院、多房間視頻和MDU(多住宅單位)應用。CP4-R配備了一個4-Series™多核心CPU處理器,可在處理高級自動化系統的要求時提供卓越的速度和性能。

透過完整的控制端口,CP4-R允許Crestron Home與各種音訊、視訊、照明、馬達式窗簾、恆溫器、門鎖、傳感器和其他設備進行整合。使用可選的COM端口擴展器(CEN-IO-COM-102或CEN-IO-COM-202,需另外購買)可支援與安全系統的整合。原生支援BACnet™通訊協議,可通過以太網直接接口第三方建築管理系統,簡化與暖通空調、安全和其他系統的整合。*開箱即用,不需要任何許可證,最多支援2000個BACnet對象。

Crestron Home可以充分發揮智能家居的潛力。它為經銷商提供了提供簡單、乾淨的用戶界面的能力,包括精美的頁面設計、流暢的動態房間控制和強大的功能,例如支援多個家庭、收藏夾、自定義訪問和房間圖像自定義等。CP4-R可以通過固件升級從Crestron Pyng® OS 2升級到Crestron Home OS。


  • 專為Crestron Home® OS而設計的先進4-Series™控制處理器
  • 4-Series多核心CPU處理器提供卓越的速度和性能
  • 增強性能,可處理更大的家庭自動化、家庭影院、多房間視頻和MDU應用
  • 通過Crestron Home App進行系統配置和控制
  • 整合音訊、視訊、照明、窗簾、恆溫器、門鎖、傳感器和其他設備的控制和監控
  • 包括內置的IR、COM、I/O、繞線、Cresnet®網絡和高速千兆以太網控制端口
  • 通過可選的外部無線網關支援infiNET EX®網絡無線設備
  • 原生支援BACnet™網絡/IP
  • 企業級網絡安全
  • 單空間19英寸架式安裝
  • 包括外部100-240V電源包


Crestron CP4-R 控制處理器
Crestron CP4-R 控制處理器

Crestron CP4-R Control Processor

The Crestron CP4-R is a control processor that is designed to be mounted on a rack. It features the Crestron Home operating system and is built to function as the central component of a Crestron Home system. The CP4-R is equipped with a powerful 4-Series multicore CPU processor that can handle the demands of larger home automation, home theater, multiroom video, and MDU applications. This processor delivers high speed and performance for advanced automated systems. Additionally, the CP4-R offers enhanced processing power, making it a reliable solution for complex control systems.

The CP4-R is equipped with a full range of control ports that enable Crestron Home to integrate seamlessly with various devices, including audio, video, lighting, motorized shades, thermostats, door locks, sensors, and other equipment. To integrate with a security system, you can use optional COM Port Expanders (CEN-IO-COM-102 or CEN-IO-COM-202, which are sold separately). The CP4-R has native support for the BACnet™ communication protocol, which provides a direct interface to third-party building management systems over Ethernet. This simplifies the integration process with other systems, such as HVAC and security, making the CP4-R a versatile and reliable solution for complex control applications. *Up to 2000 BACnet objects are supported out of the box with no licensing required.

Crestron Home is a powerful software that unleashes the full potential of a smart home. It allows dealers to provide a simple and elegant user interface, complete with sophisticated page designs, dynamic room controls, and powerful features such as support for multiple homes, favorites, custom access, and room image customizations. The CP4-R is capable of being upgraded from Crestron Pyng® OS 2 to Crestron Home OS through a firmware upgrade. This upgrade enables the CP4-R to take full advantage of the advanced features of Crestron Home, making it an even more powerful tool for smart home automation.


Key Features

  • Advanced 4‑Series™ control processor designed exclusively for Crestron Home® OS
  • 4‑Series multicore CPU processor delivers remarkable speed and performance
  • Enhanced performance to handle larger home automation, home theater, multiroom video, and MDU applications
  • Communicates with the Crestron Home App for system configuration and control
  • Integrates control and monitoring of audio, video, lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, sensors, and other devices
  • Includes built‑in IR, COM, I/O, relay, Cresnet® network, and high‑speed gigabit Ethernet control ports
  • Supports infiNET EX® network wireless devices via an optional external wireless gateway
  • Native BACnet™ network/IP support
  • Enterprise‑class network security
  • Single‑space 19 in. rack mountable
  • External 100–240 V power pack included

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