BOSE FreeSpace DS 16F Loudspeaker

這款嵌入式揚聲器是一個入門級選擇,專為各種安裝應用中播放背景音樂和語音而設計。它提供了寬廣、均勻的 140° 圓錐形覆蓋範圍,頻率響應範圍達到 80 Hz。


  • 頻段 (-10 DB): 80 Hz – 19 kHz
  • 額定擴散角度: 140° 錐形
  • 長期承受功率: 16 W (峰值64W)
  • 靈敏度: 84 dB (聲壓級/1W@1公尺)
  • 最大聲壓級: 96 dB 聲壓級 (峰值111dB聲壓級@1公尺)
  • 環境: 僅適用室內


This flush-mount loudspeaker is an entry-level option designed for background music and speech reproduction in a variety of installed applications. It offers a wide, even 140° conical pattern and a frequency range that extends down to 80 Hz.

For indoor applications only.

  • Frequency range (-10 dB): 80 Hz – 19 kHz
  • Rated coverage angle: 140° cone
  • Long-term power handling capacity: 16 W (peak 64W)
  • Sensitivity: 84 dB (sound pressure level/1W@1m)
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 96 dB SPL (peak 111dB SPL@1m)
  • Environment: Suitable for indoor use only


BOSE FreeSpace DS 16F 揚聲器

這是一款入門級、全頻範圍的嵌入式揚聲器,可在各種安裝應用中播放背景音樂和演講。它具有寬廣、均勻的 140° 圓錐形覆蓋範圍和低至 80 Hz 的頻率響應範圍。



  • 這款全頻揚聲器採用帶孔口的機殼,內置一個直徑為 2.25 英寸(57 毫米)的單聲道喇叭單元,提供 140° 圓錐形覆蓋範圍。它適用於嵌入式天花板或吊掛式安裝,可提供清晰易懂的音樂和語音重現效果。
  • 這款揚聲器配備了一個集成的多級分壓變壓器和創新的拇指輪調節機制,使得在換取設置時可以從揚聲器格柵下方輕鬆調節。
  • 整個 FreeSpace DS 產品系列採用相同的音調設計,這意味著 DS 16、DS 40 和 DS 100 揚聲器都可以集成到同一系統中,同時保持一致的音調質量。
  • 為了實現更廣泛的低頻響應,這款揚聲器可以與表面安裝或嵌入式安裝的 FreeSpace 3 Acoustimass® 模塊配合使用。
  • 這款揚聲器提供了多種配件,如天花板安裝支架、可調式瓷磚橋梁、吊掛套件和方形格柵,以支持不同的安裝需求。
  • 零售店
  • 餐廳和酒吧
  • 廣場
  • 交通設施
  • 度假村和酒店場所
  • 宗教場所


BOSE FreeSpace DS 16F 揚聲器

BOSE FreeSpace DS 16F Loudspeaker

An entry-level, full-frequency range, embedded speaker that can reproduce background music and speeches in various installation applications. It features a wide and uniform 140° cone pattern and a frequency range as low as 80 Hz.

It provides a graceful and clear sound quality that can create an inviting atmosphere for commercial spaces. With excellent performance and affordable price, it is suitable for background music playback and speech occasions and can be widely used in various commercial spaces, such as restaurants, shops, conference rooms, hotels, exhibition centers, public areas, and more.

It can be installed in different ways, such as embedding in the ceiling or hanging, depending on the indoor design requirements. The specially designed installation fixings allow construction workers to install it quickly, and it can be easily dismantled when needed for renovation or decoration.

  • A ported enclosure houses a solitary 2.25″ (57 mm) driver in a full-range loudspeaker, providing a 140° conical coverage pattern. This setup is ideal for flush-ceiling or pendant-mount installations, and it produces clear and understandable music and speech reproduction.
  • The loudspeaker comes equipped with an integrated multi-tap transformer and an innovative thumb wheel adjustment mechanism that allows for easy tap setting changes from underneath the grille.
  • The entire FreeSpace DS product family shares the same voicing, which means that DS 16, DS 40, and DS 100 loudspeakers can all be integrated into the same system while maintaining a consistent tonal quality.
  • For an extended bass response, the loudspeaker can be combined with either the surface-mount or flush-mount FreeSpace 3 Acoustimass® module.
  • A range of accessories, such as a ceiling-mount bracket, adjustable tile bridge, pendant-mount kit, and square grille, are available to support the loudspeaker.
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Concourses
  • Transportation facilities
  • Resorts and hospitality venues
  • Houses of worship

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