AtlasIED AZM8 Atmosphere 8-Zone Audio Processor

  • Onboard DSP (內置信號處理器)
  • 基於 Web 瀏覽器的控制
  • 信息播放器
  • 鈴聲排程程序
  • 房間合併


  • Onboard DSP
  • Web Browser Based Control
  • Message Player
  • Bell Scheduler
  • Room Combine
  • Tilter Filter
  • Ambient Noise Analysis


AtlasIED AZM8 Atmosphere 8分區音訊處理器

Atmosphere AZM8 是 Atmosphere 音頻控制系統的核心,可作為 8 分區音頻處理器。憑藉強大的 DSP 和創新的算法,它為各種不同空間提供定制解決方案。AZM8 具有多種功能,包括內置信息播放器、虛擬牆控制器、學習環境噪音感應、Tilter Filter™、自動增益、GPIO、鈴聲排程程序、房間合併等,成為處理方案的強大支持。

AZM8 具有控制、遠程音頻輸入和環境噪音感應等功能,兼容所有六種 Atmosphere 牆板配件。最多可在 AZM8 上的 4 個配件端口上連接 16 個配件,並可作為配件添加分區呼叫站。每個端口的設計可在 1000 英尺內可靠工作。

通過現代化的內置 Web 接口,AZM8 的編程非常簡單,優化了常見的用例。控制接口是設備無關的,響應靈敏,使用漸進式 Web App 技術,既可實現理想的用戶體驗,又不會犧牲設計自由。除了以太網,內置 Wi-Fi 還允許平板電腦和其他控制設備直接連接到 AZM8。

RTI、Crestron、Extron 和 AMX 均提供控制模塊。


  • 4個配件端口,最多支持16個控制器和傳感器,並且每個端口可連接1個音頻牆板
  • 無需應用程序即可通過QR碼或分發URL進行虛擬牆控制器訪問
  • 鈴聲排程程序
  • 信息播放器
  • 房間合併和分組
  • 支持單聲道、立體聲和低音炮
  • 自動噪音補償
  • 大聲噪音檢測
  • 內置Wi-Fi,可用作接入點或連接到現有Wi-Fi網絡
  • AtlasIED揚聲器預設庫很大
  • 配件自我修復
  • 高優先級GPI輸入,可與警報系統集成
  • 廣泛的音頻DSP對象
  • 第三方控制


AtlasIED AZM8 Atmosphere 8-Zone Audio Processor

The Atmosphere AZM8 serves as the core of an Atmosphere audio control system, functioning as an 8-zone audio processor. With powerful DSP and innovative algorithms, it offers customized solutions for a wide variety of spaces. The AZM8 boasts a range of features, including a built-in message player, virtual wall controllers, learning ambient noise sensing, Tilter Filter™, auto-gain, GPIO, bell scheduler, room combine, and more, making it a processing powerhouse.

To provide control, remote audio input, and ambient noise sensing, the AZM8 is compatible with all six Atmosphere wall plate accessories. Up to 16 Accessories can be connected across 4 accessory ports on the AZM8, and a zone paging station can be added as an accessory. Each port is designed to work reliably up to 1000ft.

Programming the AZM8 is straightforward through a modern on-board web interface that is optimized around common use-cases. The control interface is device agnostic and responsive, using Progressive Web App technology for an ideal user experience without sacrificing design freedom. In addition to Ethernet, built-in Wi-Fi allows for tablets and other controlling devices to connect directly to the AZM8.

Control modules available for RTI, Crestron, Extron, and AMX.

  • 4 accessory ports that support up to 16 controllers & sensors, and 4 audio wall plates (1 per port).
  • App-less virtual wall controller access via QR code or distributed URL
  • Bell Scheduler
  • Message player
  • Room combine and groups
  • Mono, stereo, and subwoofer support
  • Auto noise compensation
  • Loud Noise Detection
  • On board WIFI to use as an access point or connect to existing Wi-Fi network
  • Large library of AtlasIED speaker presets
  • Accessory self-heal
  • High Priority GPI input for integration with alarm system
  • Wide selection of audio DSP objects
  • Third Party Control

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