Upgrading Microphone System for Century-Old Building

Wise AV Solution triumphantly installed a microphone system in a century-old historic building. Despite challenges linked to the building’s historical significance, particularly concerning ductwork, we prioritized the need for a reliable communication system. To meet this requirement, we recommended the Sennheiser SL TS 133 GN SET DW-3 UK Digital Wireless Tablestand Set.

Digital wireless tablestand set

Introducing the SpeechLine Digital Wireless Tablestand Set: A Comprehensive Solution

The SpeechLine Digital Wireless Tablestand Set is a complete package comprising the SL Tablestand 133-S DW, MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone, SL Rack Receiver DW, and essential accessories. This set is meticulously designed for speech applications, specifically optimized for lectures, speeches, and discussions.

The wireless SL Tablestand 133-S DW, paired with the cardioid MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone, offers remarkable flexibility and cable-free connectivity. It accommodates all Sennheiser XLR-3 gooseneck microphones, catering to diverse speech requirements.

Featuring battery status LEDs and wireless Qi charging support, the tablestand ensures up to 10 hours of convenient, cable-free usage, guaranteeing peace of mind.

Complementing the tablestand, the dependable SL Rack Receiver DW delivers high-quality sound and stability within a reliable frequency range. Simplifying setup, it incorporates automatic search and synchronization functions. Moreover, remote control capabilities through Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit enable effortless configuration and monitoring.

Digital wireless tablestand set

Versatile Applications

The SpeechLine Digital Wireless Tablestand Set offers a wide range of applications that cater to different scenarios. In educational settings, teachers can utilize wireless microphones during lectures, enabling students to listen from any corner of the classroom. This enhances the overall teaching experience and promotes better learning outcomes.

In corporate meeting rooms, the use of wireless microphones facilitates efficient and seamless communication among multiple participants, ensuring effective collaboration and productivity.

For film and television production, wireless microphones capture actors’ voices with precision, resulting in enhanced production quality and immersive viewer experiences.

Moreover, it finds utility in various other contexts. Whether it’s translation services, broadcasting, speeches, training sessions, or any other situation where clear, wireless communication is required, this set provides users with exceptional flexibility and adaptability.

If you’re seeking a reliable communication solution, regardless of your industry or organization size, the SpeechLine Digital Wireless Tablestand Set is your best choice. We have years of experience and expertise and can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact our team. We’ll be happy to assist you. Let’s work together to create exceptional communication experiences for your organization.

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