Tailor-made Kiosk Solutions

We have tailor-made a kiosk for our client that is assembled with a customized housing, media player, and display screen. This kiosk is designed to meet various needs, such as serving as an information kiosk, self-service machine, or advertising player in exhibitions, shopping malls, banks, and other settings.

量身定制 Kiosk

Why Choose Kiosks?

Kiosks are versatile self-service devices. They provide information, conduct transactions, and offer entertainment services. Businesses can use them to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide quicker and more convenient customer service. Kiosks have become an essential part of modern society due to their multifunctionality and wide range of applications.

In shopping malls and exhibitions, kiosks can serve as information centers. They display mall maps, store information, and promotional activities. This helps customers find what they need more quickly, improving their shopping experience. Kiosks can also be used at exhibitions to showcase a company’s products and services.

In banks and hospitals, kiosks can be used as self-service machines. They provide customers with queuing, registration, and ticketing services. This reduces the workload and pressure on bank and hospital staff while providing a more convenient service experience. Kiosks can also be used for patient self-registration and payment, improving hospital operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.

In advertising and marketing, kiosks can be used as advertising players. They showcase the advantages and features of products and services for customers. Kiosks display dynamic advertisements, videos, and images to attract customers’ attention, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. Kiosks can also be used for interactive advertising, allowing customers to participate in activities and increasing brand interactivity and engagement.

Our professional team can provide customers with complete design, manufacturing, and installation services for customized kiosks. In terms of the exterior design of the kiosk, we can design it according to the customer’s needs and requirements, including the color, shape, and material of the housing. In terms of the internal mechanical structure, we can add corresponding hardware equipment according to the customer’s needs, such as payment systems, scanners, cameras, and other devices.

In terms of the media player and display screen, we use high-quality equipment to ensure that the display effect and playback performance of the kiosk are optimal. We use the Samsung QH55H QLED signage, which has several outstanding features, to provide excellent display effect and playback performance for the kiosk.

The Samsung QH55H QLED signage uses advanced Quantum Dot technology, with a 3840 x 2160 ultra-high-definition resolution and extremely high color performance, which can present vivid images and video details, making your content more eye-catching. It also uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which can present more realistic colors and contrast, enhancing the quality and effect of videos and images.

The Samsung QH55H QLED signage also has multiple display modes, including vertical mode, horizontal mode, and image rotation mode, which can meet different application scenarios and requirements. Additionally, it supports multi-screen chaining function, which can connect multiple display screens together to achieve larger and more stunning video and image displays, bringing more possibilities to your content presentation.

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In addition to providing design, manufacturing, and installation services, our professional team can also provide after-sales maintenance and technical support to ensure the long-term stable operation and use of the kiosk. If you are interested in our kiosk solutions, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with more detailed information about our products and services. Whether you need an information kiosk, self-service machine, or advertising player, we can provide you with the best solution and service.

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