Installation of Epson EB-800F Laser Ultra-Short Throw Projector

The Epson EB-800F laser ultra-short throw projector is a high-quality and high-performance product suitable for various settings, including educational institutions, enterprises, and homes. If you are in search of a projector that offers both quality and performance, then this is definitely a product to consider.


Maximizing Space Through Large Projections

The Epson EB-800F laser ultra-short throw projector is a high-end product. It utilizes reliable and long-lasting laser and ultra-short throw projection technologies. This allows for perfect image quality and various applications. It supports 1080P resolution and can project up to 130 inches. Both color brightness and white brightness can reach 5,000 lumens. This ensures clear and bright projections, even with indoor lights on. The EB-800F‘s laser light source lasts up to 20,000 hours, eliminating the hassle of frequent maintenance. Additionally, the product features a stable and reliable laser light source design. It’s made with inorganic materials, ensuring excellent performance in terms of lifespan.

The laser projector’s biggest feature is its ability to project up to 130 inches on any wall or whiteboard. This promotes more efficient classrooms or meetings. The product also features an “Edge Blending” function. This easily connects two projectors to create an extra-large projection screen, making it more suitable for business presentations and large-scale events. Furthermore, the product has an eco-friendly design. It complies with RoHS standards and effectively reduces its impact on the environment.

The Epson EB-800F laser ultra-short throw projector is ideal for various settings. This includes educational institutions, enterprises, and homes. It can project large images that help students better understand educational content, improving teaching effectiveness. For enterprises, it can showcase business presentations, promotional videos, and product introductions. This enhances corporate image and brand awareness. For homes, it can create a large-screen home theater experience. This allows family members to enjoy a more immersive audio-visual experience.

Projection Effect

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