Audio System Upgrade for a Medium-sized Meeting Room

WiseAV Solution has recently assisted the audio system upgrade of a medium-sized Meeting room. The meeting room can accommodate 25 to 50 people.

Our clients had the following concerns about the original audio system:

  • Microphones have to be placed on tables
  • Microphones can hardly detect and focus on the speaker
  • Noises cannot be baffled
  • Manual HDMI input and output
  • Weak connection/signal
Meeting room
Picture 1:Meeting room before the upgrade

Considering the voice of our client and all practical factor, WiseAV Solution advised our client to adopt Shure’s MICROFLEX ADVANCE MXA910:

  • MXA910 microphones can be embedded in the ceiling or installed on the ceiling, which is suitable for rooms of any size or shape
  • MXA910 microphones available in 3 colors: black, white and aluminum (all paintable)
  • Individual automix channel for added flexibility
Picture 2: Upgrade in progress. The ceiling was ready for installation.
Picture 3: Upgrade in progress. The ceiling was ready for installation.

After the upgrade, the meeting room is given a makeover:

  • MXA910 Microphones are installed on the ceiling to bring a clean& neat table
  • MXA910 Microphones with configurable LED indication
  • Can detect the speaker accurately with noise immunity
  • Full HD VGA and 3 HDMI Scaler(auto-switch of input& output channels)
  • User-friendly and convenient system interface
  • Bose Freespace DS 16F speakers are installed to expand coverage areas
  • Shure SCM820 8-Channel Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixer is installed to enhance audio quality with simultaneous operation of multiple channels

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