LG KT-T75E 32″ – 75” Interactive Digital Touch Board

  • IR touch type with up to 10 simultaneously multitouch points
  • Built-in Content Management System and OPS kit
  • Interface: USB 2.0


Interactive Performance

Clean Touch Experience

LG proprietary touch technology can draw clean and accurate diagonal lines through controlling multi-touch gestures in great precision. Clean multi-touch experience with IR Spread is based on our in-house IR-Spread technology which provides better accuracy compared to conventional IR Matrix.

Interactive Performance

Multi Touch Experience

It provides a more realistic sense of touch since it can recognize up to 10 point-touches at once. Various touch-based customer services can be provided through the screen so that consumers will have unforgettable shopping experiences.

User Convenience

Slim Design for a Sleek Look

With slim bezel and depth, KT-T series is designed to fit compatible displays and provide better touch accuracy. This way, the display maintains its sleek and clean look even when multi-functions are added on.

User Convenience

Simple Installation

Just a few screws and brackets are needed to attach a touch overlay kit be to the display. With low cost and minimal effort, your display can have the added value of touch performance.


By adding touch values to standard displays, the utilization possibilities expand to a surprising variety of places. Wherever the KT-T series is installed, its two-way communication maximizes user engagement as well as user convenience.


  • Touch type
    IR (Infrared Rays) Scattering
    Available object size for touch
    Φ6 mm↑ (Single), Φ8 mm↑ (Multi)
  • Scan Time
    15 ms ↓
    2 mm (Over 90% Area)
  • Interface
    USB 2.0
    Protection Glass Thickness
    3.2T (Anti-Glare)
  • Protection Glass Transmission
    85 ± 5%
    Operating Systme Support
    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Android (Kernel Version 3.5 Over), Linux(Kernel Version 3.5 Over), Mac OS X (10.9 Over), Chrome (39 or Above)
  • Multi touch point
    Max 10 Points


  • Screen Size
    Compatible Products
    75UH5E, 75UM3E,75UH5C,75UM3C
  • Orientation
    Landscape & Portrait


  • Input


  • Bezel Width
    32.7 mm
    Overlay Dimension (W x H x D)
    1,722.1 × 1,000.3 × 29.3 mm
  • Weight (head)
    17 kg
    Carton Dimensions (W x H x D)
    1,901.0 × 1,171.0 × 190.0 mm
  • Packed Weight
    27.2 kg


  • Operation Temperature
    0°C to 40°C
    Operation Humidity
    10 % to 80 %


  • Power Supply
    1.8 W


  • Basic
    Overlay Manual (CD), Pen (2), Pen Tray, Install Accessories