Crown XLi 2500 power amplifier (dual channel, 750W at 4Ω)


  • Stereo/parallel/bridge mono mode
  • User selectable input sensitivity – 0.775V and 4V
  • Efficient forced air cooling prevents equipment from overheating
  • Electronically balanced RCA and XLR inputs; binding posts and Speakon® outputs
  • Two level controls, power switch, power LED, and six LEDs that display signal, clipping, and fault for each channel
  • Short circuit, no load, on/off low frequency noise and radio wave interference protection


Powerful, reliable and affordable

Crown®’s XLI Series amplifiers create a new era of quality and affordable products. The four models in this series are powerful, rugged and reliable, making them an ideal solution for musicians, DJs, entertainers and churches, discos and bars.

The four models are XLi800, XLi1500, XLi2500, and XLi3500, and the configuration is identical except for the output power.

Features include RCA and XLR inputs, user selectable 0.755V or 1.4V input sensitivity, Speakon® and output binding posts, stereo/parallel/bridge mono mode, power/fault/signal detection/clipping indicator, forced air cooling And short circuit, no load, on/off low frequency noise and radio wave interference protection.

With more than 60 years of experience in product design and manufacturing, Crown has become the standard for power amplifier technology. Check out the affordable Crown XLI series. The best spokesperson for quality and cheap!

Recommended for: Portable sound reinforcement .