Wise AV Upgrades Temporary Command Center for Tseung Kwan O Hospital

We are delighted to have undertaken an exciting project at Tseung Kwan O Hospital. We installed a high-definition 4K TV Wall and Crestron Control system, replacing the outdated projection system. This upgrade not only provides a finer, clearer picture quality but also brings numerous conveniences to the hospital.

4k tv wall

The 4K TV Wall we installed at Tseung Kwan O Hospital surpasses traditional projection systems in screen quality. With a 2×2 3mm layout, this system offers stunning 4K resolution, showcasing exceptional detail and clarity in every pixel. It excels in conference rooms, lobbies, and various settings, providing unparalleled quality for video playback and presenting essential information.

At Tseung Kwan O Hospital, we introduced the Crestron Control system, a robust and intelligent tool for system management. With this system, hospital staff can easily control and oversee all audiovisual devices, including the TV Wall and sound systems, with simple gestures. This streamlines operations, improves efficiency, and saves valuable time. Whether for large-scale meetings or day-to-day tasks, the Crestron Control system ensures a seamless workflow, enhancing convenience throughout the hospital.

Alongside the installation of the high-definition 4K TV Wall and Crestron Control system, we equipped Tseung Kwan O Hospital with a comprehensive video conferencing solution. Enhanced with advanced video cameras, this system enables seamless cross-regional communication, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Hospital teams can engage in face-to-face discussions with remote teams, partners, or patients, eliminating the need for physical presence. This not only saves time and travel expenses but also facilitates swift decision-making and collaboration, promoting productivity and effectiveness.

We are proud to provide Tseung Kwan O Hospital with these innovative audiovisual solutions. These case studies exemplify our expertise and dedication as a professional audiovisual equipment provider, offering convenient and high-quality solutions to our clients. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Tseung Kwan O Hospital and expand our partnerships with other clients, delivering exceptional audiovisual experiences and enhancing efficiency in their work environments.

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