WISE AV Solution upgrades equipment for HKAPA

Before the upgrade, the classroom was originally equipped with basic equipment such as whiteboards, projectors, and audio systems. However, these traditional devices were no longer able to meet the demands of modern teaching. Therefore, we provided a comprehensive solution to enhance their teaching effectiveness.

Touch-screen displays

High-quality touch-screen displays and audio systems can provide clearer and more realistic visual and audio outputs to present wonderful performances and video materials, enabling students to better appreciate and understand the performance content. The interactive functionality and expanded writing area of the touch-screen displays allow students to directly write, draw, and annotate on the screen, promoting their creativity and performance skills development.

The academy’s teaching and performances require the use of a large amount of multimedia resources. The touch-screen displays offer convenient access to these resources, allowing students to watch high-definition videos and images, listen to audio materials, and gain more inspiration and learning resources.

We provided sliding door-style whiteboards that increased writing space while allowing easy movement for teachers to switch between the whiteboard and display screen according to the teaching content.

Two large-sized touch-screen displays, 75″ and 98″ respectively, not only provide high-quality visual and audio effects but also enable real-time interaction and collaboration between teachers and students. Students can directly write, draw, and annotate on the screens while also viewing high-definition videos and images, enriching their learning experience.

Teachers at the academy can utilize the wide whiteboard space for writing and explanations while also engaging in interactive operations through the touch screens, enhancing the liveliness and engagement of their teaching.

white board display

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