Installing Interactive Display for school

Wise AV Solution Limited recently installed Education Interactive Display for customers, making learning attractive and fun. Different from traditional electronic whiteboards and touch TVs, the built-in cloud whiteboard can enhance the participation of teachers and students in the classroom and strengthen long-distance interaction. The Education Interactive Display is also equipped with advanced air quality sensors, silver ion antibacterial screens and comprehensive eye protection solutions to protect the health of teachers and students and create a high-quality teaching and learning experience for teachers and students. And when the Education Interactive Display is not needed, you can move the whiteboard to close the Education Interactive Display, and you can use the whiteboard for teaching as usual.

In the past, teachers would use projectors to assist in teaching, but projection products tend to affect the picture due to light, and the colors are not bright enough, which will weaken the educational effect. Teaching with a projector is of low quality and lacks interaction, making it difficult to attract students to learn. In recent years, in response to the epidemic, the education model has also undergone changes. More schools have begun to use Education Interactive Display to improve the quality of teaching. Teachers can easily open the writing function to mark, draw, and take notes on the display under different display environments. And share notes between the Education Interactive Display and other devices, creating a smooth and instant interactive experience.

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