Poly Studio, a whole new conference experience

The appearance of the outbreak of epidemic has changed the office working mode of enterprises nowadays and promoted the telecommuting mode such as WFH. Enterprises should upgrade their hardware and software to cope with the latest working style. And Wise AV Solution Limited’s team will search for the latest video conferencing products to enhance customer productivity. PolyStudio and Logitech MeetUp are the two main integrated video conferencing systems in the market today.


Logitech is a well-known brand, its logitech meetup is an integrated full-function conference cameras, which is a entry-level camera that is relatively small in size and fully functional. It is the first choice for company who never try conference cameras before. On the other hand, Poly is an American technology company established over 50 years ago. It has been growing rapidly in Hong Kong and partnering with major enterprises, such as MTR, which recently bought a large number of POLY systems. In terms of the one-in-one video system, PolyStudio provides a more advanced and complete system, especially for voice quality. It is suitable for all enterprises.


For video, Logitech MeetUp has the same level of lens as Poly Studio, so there is little difference in picture rendering.On the voice side, Poly Studio is significantly better than Logitech MeetUp. First, the Poly Studio’s built-in dual speakers and six microphone arrays provide conference room-level sound quality and loudness. In addition, PolyStudio’s unique sound insulation effectively isolates all noise from 3.75 meters away, so that your meeting is not interrupted by outside noise, such as noises from car or keyboard. PolyStudio makes communication between you and your client colleagues clear and not limited by location.

PolyStudio provides intelligent focus function, which allows to held a meeting that is capable of maximum for eight people. It is an advantage compared to Logitech Meetups which only allows maximum for six people meeting. PolyStudio also provides audio and video auto-tracks function so that customers on the other side of the meeting can see clearly the one who is speaking. In terms of PolyStudio design, It is classic with a long rectangle shaped remote control. It make the conference room screen look like a TV sound system when the Poly Studio is placed near. It is perfectly fit into the room, giving a elegant and noble vibe. On the other hand, In contrast, Logic Tech Meetup, which follows the logtech classic silver-gray design, is technologically sophisticated but relatively abrupt and eye-catching in a conference room.Poly Studio is the all-in-one videoconferencing system you need, settling the matter at one go.


Logitech MeetUpPoly Studio
Size104 mm x 400 mm x 85 mm (1.04 kg)105 x 700 x 70 mm (2.3kg without stand)
PriceHK$ 6,580 – 7,900HK$ 8,190 – 8,628
Range of camera120 degree120 degree
Digital Zoom5x5x
SpeakersSingle SpeakerDual Speaker
Audio Range4m3.7m*
Microphone3 – element beamforming microphone array6 – element beamforming microphone array
Supporting SystemWindows 7, 8.1, 10 MacOS10Windows 7, 8.1, 10 MacOS10
Speaker Tracking Technology/Yes
Recommend People66-8
Remote connection/IP connectivity with the management services
Auto focus/People Framing Technology reminded with a light
Warranty2 Years1 Year
*Poly Studio provide a noise canceling technology that blocks noise out of 3.7m

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