AV Equipment Relocation and Video Audio System Upgrade

WiseAV Solution delivered relocation and upgrade of AV equipment service to a client in Central.

Moving his office from Wan Chai to Central, the client contacted WiseAV for AV equipment relocation and upgrade. The team first packed and transported previous equipment to the new office.

We fully participated in design, installation, and testing. Furthermore, the company also provided relocation service. To ensure we make the most of the space, we planned ahead and prepared with considering matters relating to wires and signal.

Six 50-inch TV screens were set in the Wan Chai Office. With a purchase of four new TV screens, all screens are installed in the open area of the Central office. Two installation methods were adopted:

  1. Install the screens on the wall so that users can easily pull out the screen and adjust the angle.
  2. Hang-type and bi-directional installation. Users can adjust the angle as well.

Panasonic PT-EZ590 Projector, QSC TouchMix16-20 input Compact Digital Mixer with Touchscreen, BOSE F16 Ceiling Speaker, and SHURE SLX24/SM58-G4CN deliver the content clearly and make sure the meeting will go with a swing. The meeting Microphones are installed in the meeting space behind the reception. These devices can space is for 10 to 20 people with a movable curtain wall in between. Users can choose whether they would like to divide the space to provide flexibility on time and space.

We value the user experience of clients. Therefore, a tailor-made system is installed for broadcast, light and volume control. The system has been simplified by using CRESTON MPC Media Presentation Controller M10, CRESTON 4-Channel Volume/EQ Control Module and CRESTON DIN Rail High-Voltage Switch. Users can control everything with an iPad.

In a meeting room which can accommodate 10 people, WiseAV installed two 70-inch TV screens for our client. The new room has adopted the L-shape Extron Cable Cubby 500ccb to avoid wrapping wires. Users can click the button on the table to pop up or coil the wires back to the cubby.

This is a project of a week’s duration. Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries and further details by calling (852) 3579 8586 or sending an email to info@avsolution.hk.