Fujitsu IW550 IW650 IW750 IW850 interactive whiteboard

Fujitsu interactive whiteboard will help you to create a Smart Workplace environment by analyzing and understanding your situation while focusing on your business requirements. And, as your strategic partner, we will be creating a Digital Roadmap together with you, helping you achieve your business goals by integrating different business applications, platforms, and network infrastructure so that you can effectively connect and collaborate inside your company, with partners and customers.

Workplaces are evolving with the rise of digital technology and demands of millennials

Nowadays the technology and work style of the new workforce generation are the key drivers accelerating the evolution of the workplace.

  • Collaboration Solutions
    Bringing cutting-edge technology allowing employees to work together even from a variety of remote sites, with a modern experience in meeting rooms
  • Mobile and Security Solutions
    Providing freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime and on any devices without compromising security
  • Building Management Solutions
    Creating working environments suitable for humans and reducing your environmental footprint

Fujitsu Smart Workplace is a solution suite that helps organizations transform traditional offices to be workplaces for the future workforce. Below are solutions within this suite.

Fujitsu promise

The Fujitsu Interactive Panel series is ideal for business users looking to upgrade their existing projector-based meeting spaces. Compared to projector systems, the Fujitsu Interactive Panel is more robust, offering higher resolution and outstanding image quality, thus creating unparalleled interactivity in office meeting rooms.

Fits Meeting Rooms of All Sizes

Fujitsu Interactive Panels come in four sizes, ranging from 55” to 86”, readily designed for different meeting rooms of all sizes.

4K UHD Resolution

All Fujitsu Interactive Panels are equipped with 4K UHD display, delivering 300 cd/m2
of brightness, legible text and crisp image quality. The stunning display is key to support presentations that require illustrations of the finest visual details.

Anti-Glare Coated Filter

Each unit of Fujitsu’s panels is equipped with an anti-reflective tempered glass filter that effectively reduces light reflection in the meeting rooms and optimizes screen readability.

Flicker-Free LCD Technology

Fujitsu Interactive Panels employ flicker-free display technology, creating a comfortable viewing environment and protecting meeting participants from eye fatigue.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with mainstream operating systems — Windows, Mac OS, iOS and
Android. Simply connect your device to the panel and you are good to go.

Hotkeys at Your Fingertips

The design of the front bezel is intuitively user-friendly, using hotkeys to allow you
to easily select your input sources, adjust volume, and calling up the setting menu. USB connectors for external devices are also included.

Easy Connectivity to Multimedia Devices

Simply connect your multimedia devices to Fujitsu Interactive Panel with display port and standard connectors, such as HDMI, USB and more.

Modular Design & Future Proof Up gradability

The modular design of the key components of the Fujitsu Interactive Panels protects your office investment. Without obsoleting the entire panel, you can simply upgrade the respective module as needed.

Realtime Onscreen Annotation

The built-in annotation function allows users to freeze, annotate, save and share any onscreen notes anytime. Turn the panel into a modernized whiteboard and seamlessly engage the whole meeting collaboration.

Wireless Multi-device Mirroring

The Fujitsu Interactive Panels seamlessly integrate wireless presentation and collaboration, allowing streaming of quality visual, audio and HD videos from user
devices to the panel.

Peace of mind reliability

At Fujitsu we develop our products to meet the highest standards in both quality and
technology. We are committed to ensuring users of both product and service excellence with prestige, quality, performance and sustainability all synonymous with our brand.