Bose Professional EdgeMax EM90

Above all Wise AV solution Providing AV service in Hong Kong. Likewise Bose Professional Provide professional speakers and sound, For example Bose Professional Provide  Edge Max in-ceiling premium loudspeakers feature proprietary Bose Phase Guide technology with high-frequency compression drivers to create a new category that combines the room-filling coverage patterns typical of larger surface-mount speakers with the architect-preferred aesthetics of in-ceiling models. Designed to mount near wall-ceiling boundaries, EdgeMax loudspeakers provide improved audio quality and coverage, while reducing the number of required units, compared to conventional dome-tweeter ceiling speakers.

Phase Guide Technology

Firstly Edge Max loudspeakers utilize a two-way system comprised of a compression driver mounted to a proprietary Bose Meanwhile, Phase Guide structure and an 8-inch driver mounted in a tuned, ported enclosure. Uniquely Edge Max loudspeakers have 75-degree asymmetrical vertical coverage angle and are engineered to be installed in corners and along room perimeters.