Samsung VM55B-E Display


  • 極窄的1.74mm邊框到邊框設計創造出無縫的視覺體驗。
  • 周到的設計完美融入,以強大的視覺效果改變任何場所。
  • 強大的圖像增強技術確保所有內容都豐富生動而清晰。


Ultimate flexibility in creating a video wall with slim depth and extreme narrow bezel

  • An extreme narrow 1.74mm bezel-to-bezel design creates seamless visual experience
  • The thoughtful design blends in seamlessly and transforms any location with powerful visuals
  • Powerful picture enhancement technology ensures all content is vibrant and clear
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Samsung VM55B-E 極窄邊框液晶電視牆













多步驟的出廠調校確保了均勻的亮度和色彩。用戶還可以使用免費強大的Color Expert Pro軟件對高級設置進行微調。對於快速簡單的校準,Color Expert Pro Mobile可使用移動攝像頭對最多3×3的顯示屏進行白平衡調整。


透過DisplayPort 1.2或HDMI端口的串連設計,顯示屏可以在多個屏幕上呈現UHD內容,而無需外部顯示卡。三星的UHD廣告機箱通過結合媒體播放器和內容管理軟件,使功能更加簡化。


VHB-E系列符合EMC B類標準,滿足嚴格的電磁波輻射標準,同時IP5x認證保護顯示屏免受塵埃和其他環境條件的影響。顯示屏包裝還通過嚴格的2步驟ISTA認證測試,以最大程度地減少在運輸過程中可能的損壞。


  • 55吋螢幕尺寸
  • 500尼特亮度
  • 24/7全天候運作
  • 1920×1080(16:9)解析度
  • 纖薄設計
  • 極窄邊框
  • 非閃光面板
  • 高對比度
  • 出廠校正
  • ACM芯片組
  • Samsung色彩專家軟體
  • UHD視頻牆
  • 全合一廣告播放器盒
  • EMC B類認證
  • IP5x評級
  • ISTA-3包裝認證


video wall


Samsung VM55B-E Extreme Narrow Bezel LCD Video Wall

A narrow bezel LCD video wall designed for commercial use. It features an ultra-narrow bezel design that allows for seamless splicing, creating a borderless visual effect. This 55-inch LCD video wall utilizes advanced technology to deliver clear, detailed images and vibrant colors, making it suitable for applications such as digital signage, video walls, and control rooms in commercial settings. It offers reliable performance and durability, ensuring stable operation over extended periods. The LCD video wall supports various resolutions, multi-screen configurations, and remote control, providing commercial users with greater flexibility and convenience.

Always-on, space-saving solution with extreme-narrow bezels

Experience a captivating and reliable visual journey around the clock with Samsung’s VHB-E series. This cutting-edge display offers a sleek profile and impressive 700 nit brightness, guaranteeing vibrant visuals and clear messages in diverse settings like retail centers, reception areas, conference rooms, and command centers. Whether it’s a busy shopping mall or a crucial meeting space, this display delivers an immersive viewing experience that captivates and informs viewers with its exceptional visibility and legibility. Rest assured that Samsung’s VHB-E series is designed to meet the demands of continuous operation, providing a dependable solution for various locations and applications.

Transform any space with high impact visuals

With its slim and sleek design, as well as a cabinet depth of 70.4mm, this display offers great flexibility for installation. The remarkable feature of an extremely narrow 1.74mm bezel-to-bezel width ensures a seamless picture, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to designing a captivating visual experience. With such a slim bezel, you can create stunning video walls or multi-screen setups that seamlessly blend together, immersing viewers in a truly captivating and immersive display. This opens up a world of creative options for delivering impactful content and making a lasting impression on your audience.

View content from any angle

Thanks to its wide viewing angles, this display ensures that content remains easily visible even when viewers are not directly facing the screen. Whether the display is placed at an angle or in a larger space, audiences can enjoy clear details and vibrant colors from various viewing positions. This feature guarantees that everyone in the vicinity can have an optimal viewing experience, regardless of their location relative to the screen. So, whether you’re standing directly in front or off to the sides, you can still enjoy the same high-quality visuals and immersive content.

Vibrant images in any light

The non-glare panels of this display effectively distribute light across the screen, ensuring that the content remains vibrant and accurate. This feature eliminates glare and reflections, allowing viewers to enjoy clear and crisp visuals. With a high contrast ratio and the ability to operate 24/7, the display delivers vivid and eye-catching visuals at any time, regardless of the ambient light conditions. Whether it’s a bright sunny day or a dimly lit environment, the display maintains its visual impact, ensuring that your content always stands out and captures the attention of viewers.

Image enhancement

Samsung incorporates powerful picture enhancement technology to ensure that all content displayed is vibrant and clear. Through the Picture Enhancer mode, color saturation and contrast are enhanced by adjusting the gamma curve. This results in more vivid and lifelike colors, as well as improved visual clarity. Additionally, the Black Equalizer mode is utilized to lighten dark images, revealing hidden details and making them easier to see. This feature enhances the overall viewing experience by providing optimal image quality and ensuring that even subtle elements are clearly visible. With Samsung’s picture enhancement technology, you can enjoy captivating visuals with enhanced color accuracy, contrast, and detail.

Comprehensive calibration to fit your needs

To ensure consistent brightness and color across the display, Samsung employs a multi-step factory tuning process. This meticulous calibration process guarantees uniformity in both brightness and color reproduction. Additionally, users have the flexibility to fine-tune advanced settings according to their preferences using the powerful Color Expert Pro software, which is available free of charge. This software allows for precise adjustments and customization of various color parameters, providing users with complete control over the display’s visual output. For convenient and efficient calibration, Samsung also offers Color Expert Pro Mobile, which enables users to make white balance adjustments using a mobile camera. This handy feature is especially useful for multi-panel setups, as it allows quick and simple calibration for displays up to 3×3, ensuring consistent and accurate color representation.

Advanced presentation, simplified operation

By utilizing a daisy chain design through DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI ports, the display can showcase UHD content on multiple screens without the need for an external graphics card. Samsung’s UHD Signage Player Box simplifies functionality by combining the media player and content management software, streamlining the setup process.

Industry standard-certified

The VHB-E series meets EMC class B standards for electromagnetic wave emission and is protected against dust and other conditions with IP5x certification. Additionally, the display packaging has undergone a thorough 2-step, ISTA-certified test to minimize the risk of damage during delivery. This ensures that the display not only meets stringent quality standards but also arrives safely and intact at its destination. With EMC class B compliance, IP5x certification, and robust packaging, Samsung’s VHB-E series offers reliable performance and durability in various environments while providing peace of mind during transportation.

Product Details

  • 55″ Screen Size
  • 500nit Brightness
  • 24/7 Operation Hours
  • 1920×1080(16:9) Resolution
  • Silm Depth
  • Extreme Narrow Bezel
  • Non-Glare Panel
  • High Contrast Ratio
  • Factory Calibration
  • ACM Chipset
  • Samsung Color Expert Software
  • UHD Video Wall
  • All-in-one Signage Player Box
  • EMC Class B
  • IP5x Rating
  • ISTA-3 Packaging Certified

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