Panasonic Professional Use Solid Shine 3-DLP projector PT-RZ12K

  • 採用Laser diode 光源,可長時間使用
  • 光度輸入:12000 流明;對比度:20000:1
  • WUXGA 解像度
  • 垂直投影摸式 (Portrait Mode)
  • 邊緣融合(edge blending)及多單元的亮度控制(multi-unit brightness control)
  • 載置全新DIGITAL LINK功能,兼容HDbaseT技術的數碼連接,可以單-電纜傳送數碼訊號 (最長100米)至投影機
  • 可全方位360度安裝
  • 內置幾何調整功能,可投射畫面至弧型表面而不會失真,更可選配升級套件ET-UK20,提高幾何調整功能
  • 可選購數碼介面盒ET-YFB100G 或 ET-YFB200G


Panasonic 投影機 PT-RZ12K

The 12,000 lumen PT-RZ12K 3-chip DLP Series projectors combine class-leading imaging with the practical advantages of Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser technology: minimal picture quality degradation over long periods in continuous use, 20,000 hour maintenance-free operation, flexible installation, failsafe reliability, and a wealth of powerful features for creative visual presentations in large spaces.

  • Bright and vivid picture quality
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Eco Filter extends replacement to 20,000 hours
  • Ultra-durable laser optical engine for continuous 24-hour operation
  • Dustproof for ultimate endurance
  • An efficient cooling system assures reliable operation