InfoComm 2019 marks the exciting launch of the Reserva Edge, the next generation in meeting room signage. Although this is the first time the product has been revealed publicly, an enormous effort in research and development has been going on behind the scenes. Reserva Edge marks a significant investment and underlines ONELAN’s commitment to offering the best in class solutions for meeting room signage and workspace optimisation technology.

So, what’s new with the Reserva Edge? This is not a minor evolution, Reserva Edge marks a step change in key areas of design, functionality, user experience and management. This has been driven by insight and experience gathered from our global customer base and channel partners. Here are the most significant advancements:

Industrial Design – ONELAN invested significantly in the industrial design process. We really wanted to challenge the assumptions used in existing products on the market and create a product which was the best possible meeting room sign. We quickly realised that most existing room signs are simply miniaturised large format displays with lights appended to them. This may be the most obvious design approach, but we challenged ourselves as to whether it is the optimum for a meeting room sign.

We saw an opportunity to package the hardware in a much more innovative way. The result, portrait orientation and a slight incline angle to the display. This may seem to be “design for design’s sake” at first glance however there are very real advantages to this approach.

Firstly, the tapering angle of the display makes the product appear slimmer to the user, a simple but effective trick of the eye. Secondly, portrait orientation is a very effective way of distinguishing displays used for information as opposed to entertainment. One of ONELAN’s existing clients remarked that they consistently position information screens in portrait to identify their purpose. Third, the 5-degree incline has ergonomic/accessibility benefits. The display can be installed at a height suitable for disabled users as per ADA or DDA guidance whilst also being comfortable to use for other users who may otherwise find the displays uncomfortable to use.

Many other considerations we’ve taken in the industrial design process which led to features such as edge-to-edge touchscreen glass with anti-fingerprint coating, fully concealed cable management, an integrated ID card scanner (optional) and clear red/amber/green status LEDs which can even be viewed from the inside the meeting room (providing the room has glass partition walls!). The list goes on…

Software – Another key change in the Reserva Edge is the use of Intel technology instead of ARM. This allows ONELAN to offer a Reserva room sign built on the tried and trusted Net-Top-Box (NTB) platform. For those unfamiliar with ONELAN’s digital signage platform, NTB is ONELAN’s proprietary operating system developed specifically for digital signage. It is the product of over 18 years development and is packed full of functionality and features which now make Reserva truly enterprise ready.

Reserva Edge, powered by NTB offers the following capabilities:

  • Full integration with the ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) including centralised and remote device monitoring and management. This extensive solution allows an admin to remotely take a screen shot, reboot, update and configure a device. It also allows the CMS admin to monitor and manage a network of Reserva Edge, ONELAN NTB, LG webOS, Samsung Tizen and BrightSign media players from a single interface.
  • Based on the mature NTB platform Reserva Edge offers enhanced digital signage capability. Either paired with the ONELAN CMS or operated standalone the Reserva Edge offers multizone digital signage capabilities. This supports a range of requirements identified by existing customers such as the ability to add a message to meeting delegates which can be set centrally or overridden locally e.g. a wifi access code or support contact details. Meeting room signs may also be used for other communication messages, this could be subtle internal comms throughout the day in a corporate office or academic campus or advertising content in a hospitality setting once events have finished (with obvious revenue generating opportunities)
  • ONELAN’s NTB software is installed in some of the most secure environments e.g. defence industries, emergency services, nuclear licenced sites, offshore oil and gas and many financial institutions. Reserva Edge now benefits from the same underlying security architecture and without question offers the most secure meeting room signage solution on the market.

ONELAN looks forward to shaking things up in the meeting room signage market with the introduction of the Reserva Edge.

If you would like to arrange a demo of the product or would like to find out more please contact your local ONELAN sales representation or or visit