HKPC plays its important role in promoting the use of innovative technologies in the Hong Kong business sector. It advocated the implementation of reindustrialisation, smart living and manufacturing industry. It held conferences to gather the voice and ideas from over 3,000 companies. In this case, WiseAV Solution helps upgrade the conference room technology for HKPC.

WiseAV Solution installed new projectors and LED monitors in the HKPC conference room. Advanced projectors and monitors can raise the visual quality. As for the audio system, we upgraded the speaker from 2-inch 3-ohms to 8-inch 8-ohms to provide more outstanding visual and audio quality. In order to facilitate the quality of presentation, we adopted a Kramer signal conversion. We also replaced carpet in order to improve the interior environment. The high-end conference room technology facilitated the communication and exchange of ideas in the video conferencing and presentation.

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