Q-SYS Control is


Eliminate costly integration by combining audio, video & control in a single Q-SYS Core processor


Works with existing infrastructure, offers agile programming tools, and monitoring & management capabilities for your IT/AV team


Accommodate changing business requirements without the need for dedicated control hardware or “rip-and-replace” scenarios 

Q-SYS Control in Action

We threw down the gauntlet…LIVE! In 60 minutes, we showed you just how easy it can be to add full room control with little programming knowledge. All by utilizing Q-SYS Control!

Integrated Processing

The Q-SYS Ecosystem brings audio, video and control together in a single Q-SYS Core Processor , eliminating unnecessary programming (and costly points of failure) for interconnecting separate audio DSP, control processor hardware and video peripherals.

From Schematic to Screen without Programming

Build robust user control interfaces (UCI) by simply dragging any Q-SYS DSP or control element from the Q-SYS Schematic into the new Q-SYS UCI Editor. Simple, one-button deployment for UCIs to any native Q-SYS touch screen controller from a single UCI, or hundreds of UCIs across an enterprise installation.

Simplified Modern Scripting Tools

Tired of antiquated control programming tools, unsupported outside the AV community?
Q-SYS Scripting Engine uses modern, agile  and widely-used programming technologies.

Simple Plug-in Integration

Easily integrate some of the most commonly used elements of today’s modern conference room with

Full Featured Scripting

Text Controller component lets you create custom scripts using modern scripting languages including Lua, an open-source, IT friendly programming language.

New Visual Coding Tool

The new Block Controller component enables easy composition of sophisticated scripts. Based on a concept originally developed by Google and MIT, this open source visual programming tool uses interlocking, graphical blocks to represent common programming concepts. Ideal for the novice programmers.

Add Rooms, Not Control Processors

Dedicated control and DSP boxes sitting in individual rooms quickly become costly wasted resources as you being to scale your enterprise. 

Q-SYS centralizes that control onto a single processor, allowing for multiple rooms to be controlled by a single processor.

No “Rip and Replace” programming

Every Q-SYS Core processor, regardless of system size, offers a full-featured control environment, providing a robust toolkit that supports the simplest rooms through the largest enterprise solution without compromising on capabilities.

As your solution scales, you’ll never need to “rip and replace” your programming as you scale between Q-SYS Core processors.

Monitor your entire global AV enterprise like the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Provides a hosted solution to monitor and manage multiple Q-SYS systems including Core processors and peripherals.

Regardless of whether AV assets are distributed within a single building or across an entire global enterprise, Q-SYS Reflect delivers valuable real-time data and insights for monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Interface with Enterprise IT Dashboards – Coming Soon

Future product updates will include a robust API, which will allow user to connect and integrate Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager with other enterprise management applications and dashboards.