We offer a full lineup of projector solutions for fixed-installation, portable, and home theater use. A host of features make Panasonic projectors the perfect choice, as either a first projector or a replacement. Our abundant lens selection covers a wide range of throw distances, while fixed-installation projectors allow vertical projection (straight up and down), and a lens shift function enables flexible installation in all kinds of rooms.

Projectors with built-in Edge Blending and Geometric Adjustment functions also expand projection capability to super-wide or even curved screens. This kind of flexibility further boosts your own creativity.


For a lifetime of listening pleasure

Where space is at a premium BLADE TWO offers all of the acoustic prowess and iconic design of BLADE on a slightly smaller scale.

BLADE TWO. Same DNA. Same striking aesthetic. Same advanced driver technology and unique single apparent source configuration. And above all, the same open, phenomenally realistic sound.