Crestron HZ-KPCN

Horizon™ Keypad, Cresnet® Communications, White

A highly configurable wall mount keypad with bespoke designer aesthetics, exceptional button feel, customizable faceplate trim, and multicolor RGB LED backlighting.


The HZ‑KPCN Horizon™ keypad incorporates control of lighting, shading, audio, and other amenities throughout a home. Its design matches the entire line of Horizon dimmers, switches, and keypads, making it a great addition to new or retrofit installations.

Multigang Expansion
Up to four devices may be installed side‑by‑side in a multigang electrical box with a compatible Horizon faceplate (HZ‑FP‑G series). All buttons in a multigang arrangement align to form one continuous control surface.

Cresnet® Communications
HZ‑KPCN keypads communicate with a Crestron control system via Cresnet, a 4-wire network bus that provides bidirectional data communication and 24 VDC power to each keypad in the system. To simplify wiring in a multigang arrangement, each HZ‑KPCN keypad includes dual parallel Cresnet ports for daisy-chaining.

Built‑In Control Ports
Two digital/analog input ports are included on HZ‑KPCN keypads to provide a local interface for Crestron occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and other devices that provide a contact closure, DC logic, or 0-10 VDC. Using the control ports, it’s possible to add monitoring of room occupancy, ambient light level, door closures, and other conditions without additional wiring.

Field-Replaceable Button Caps
The preinstalled five button caps on the HZ‑KPCN are field replaceable, allowing for various engravable button configurations.

Multicolor Backlit Button Engraving
Horizon keypad buttons are laser engravable to identify each button’s function. RGB LED backlights illuminate the engraved labels and can be adjusted for custom color backlighting. A built‑in ambient light sensor enables auto‑dimming of the backlight brightness according to day and night mode presets.

Each button’s backlight provides feedback by changing color, intensity, or both. The backlight can also flash to show that an action is being performed.

Customizable Faceplates
Horizon compatible faceplates are customizable for any décor. Color‑matched top and bottom trim pieces may be swapped easily after installation with custom trim fabricated from solid materials such as wood, metal, marble, engineered stone, or Corian®. Contact a Crestron representative, or refer to Crestron True Blue Support Online Help Answer ID: 1000140, to obtain specifications and CADs for the fabrication of custom trim. Paintable trim is also available separately.

Note: The faceplate trim is attached magnetically, which may inhibit use in locations where tampering may occur.

Key Features
  • Single‑gang U.S. wall box installation with faceplate included
  • Gangable up to four across using Crestron® Horizon™ device compatible multi‑gang faceplates (HZ‑FP‑G series)
  • Configurable with up to five field‑replaceable buttons
  • Custom backlit laser‑etched engravable buttons
  • Multicolor RGB LED backlighting
  • Auto‑dimming day/night backlight modes
  • Fully programmable via a Crestron control system
  • Crestron Home™ OS 3 compatible
  • Dual Cresnet® ports for easy daisy‑chaining
  • Two control input ports for external sensors

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