WISE RFID Warehouse Management System

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WISE RFID Warehouse Management System

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)has played an important role in the business world and assists in warehouse and supply chain management.

Compared with traditional warehouse management system, RFID works better with the new era. It saves labour and time costs for recording and tracking goods and simplify the procedure to enhance efficiency. RFID has been widely used by chain stores including Walmart and Metro AG, which demonstrates its ability to manage large warehouses.

Advantages of RFID Warehouse Management System:

  • Information tracking and back-up: automatically record procedures and certain information to create no waste of labour costs and enhance accuracy and efficiency at the same time.
  • Digital Management: RFID system automatically arranges goods to be stored in different shelves.
  • Secure senders and recipients: encrypted RFID tags that can hardly be forged to prevent good loss. Users will receive warnings if goods do not pass the sensors in and outside the gate properly.
  • Bigger storage capacity:RFID tags can store more data without the limit of papers, meanwhile it allows multiple use which is more environmentally-friendly.
  • Data and statistic integration: ideal for understanding and performance estimation

Besides, RFID works better than barcodes. Barcodes needs to be ‘seen’ by laser scanners, but RFID devices do not need to be positioned precisely to scanners. RFID breaks the limits in warehouses and speed up the delivery process.

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