The new logistics collection system

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Facing the computerization of the transportation industry, we understand the needs of the transportation industry. We are committed to developing transportation systems and researching and developing new functions in different aspects in order to meet the different needs of the industry. Our system can help the company in management: saving time, manpower and cost, enabling the company to achieve the best economic benefits.

1、貨主:包含 新製造、新零售




5、物流網點:城市配送物流網點 到貨落地配送

6、收貨人:企業、個人 智慧雲通過互聯網以及雲計算大資料模式,把整個物流環 節的要素形成有機整體,通過演算法減少差錯率、應對異常、提高效率、提升整體物流生態的競爭力

The company helped a logistics company develop Web applications in the form of Web apps last month. The logistics system is simple and practical, and it is an indispensable management system for the transportation industry. The system is mainly divided into two parts: the basic data setting of the main file. From the factories in Mainland China to the warehouses in the Mainland and then to the warehouses in Hong Kong, Chinese mainland customers can send them to Hong Kong customers via online orders. They involve Chinese and Hong Kong documents and local freight orders. The print format is complete and you can modify the format. The staff only needs to make simple choices, and the system can reduce the repeated input data to complete the work. Report Management According to the daily input documents, the system can accurately calculate all the data: monthly statement, driver miscellaneous fee table, driver logarithm table, customer logarithm table, customer freight report, and report can be exported to EXCEL format. Transmission function transportation system