Video Wall Broadcast control rooms Projects

55LV77A-7B 55“級(54.64”對角線)超窄邊3.5mm邊框高級顯示屏

The Wise AV solution provides a control room and console designed to allow employees to handle emergencies faster. As a 24-7 environment, the network uses video walls in broadcast control rooms to produce programs, monitor and control TV broadcasts, and combine multiple-real-time, real-time content, file material, images, and caption graphics. Continuous monitoring of all of this information and activities requires a highly reliable and flexible video wall solution.

Our workstations carefully consider cable routes to make technology management simple. Our display and monitor arm solutions are designed to make quick changes to the console set-up. We work with the leading broadcast technology suppliers to integrate production equipment into the desk. Controls are designed to be within operator reach while displays are placed for the best viewing angles.

  • The video wall ensures that your operators are always fully aware of their broadcast activities
  • Real-time situational awareness using network distributed video processing technology
  • 24/7 reliability, so viewers and advertisers never doubt that you are 「on」 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • The low total cost of ownership with high-quality design, including ease of operation, reduced maintenance and energy savings.
  • With smart solutions, industry-leading warranty, service, and support give you peace of mind.