Planar LCD Video Walls Designed by Video Wall Experts

Wise AV solution Providing AV service in Hong Kong PLANAR A complete portfolio of best-in-class LCD video walls with wide range of sizes, resolutions and technologies. Featuring the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems and slimmest installation depths.

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Uniform Brightness
LG has improved backlight brightness uniformity reducing the shadowing effect on the screen edge. This provides the new 55VH7B/VM5B with greater visibility and consistent brightness across the screen.

With it’s near Border less design of 0.9 mm even panel bezel* and 1.8 mm BtB (Bezel to Bezel)** size, verified by Nemko, enables immersive and near seamless viewing experiences on assembled video wall screens.
*Panel Bezel :The black matrix section where an image is not displayed on the front panel.
BtB (Bezel to Bezel) : Panel Bezel + Panel Bezel (Borderless type, no metal bezel)
Nemko (Nogerois Elektriske Materiellkontroll) was established in 1933 as an institution for mandatory safety testing and national approval of electrical equipment to be marketed and sold in Norway. Since it was transformed into independent, self-owned foundation in 1991, it has provided worldwide testing and certification.

The 55 VH7B/VM 5B includes an image improvement algorithm that can adjust to objects located in the boundary of bezel for a near seamless viewing experience.

LAN Daisy Chain Performance
A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor the screens and even update their firmware.