Panasonic high brightness, compact, 20,000 lumen projector (PT-DZ21K2)

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Panasonic today announced that it will provide a full range of equipment and a wide variety of solutions, providing support for the success of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic disability. Through the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games (Rio 2016) Olympic Organizing Committee and the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) co-operation, Panasonic will be opening and closing ceremonies a plurality of the Olympic venues and live sites to provide its most advanced audio-visual equipment. Panasonic has been the contribution of its cutting-edge audio-visual technology Olympic Games for more than 25 years. Panasonic has signed a cooperation agreement with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Organizing Committee, as its 「official opening and closing ceremonies partner」 in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies will provide overall program audiovisual solutions, from system design to operation of projection mapping . Panasonic will provide about 110 units of high-brightness, compact, 20,000 lumen projector (PT-DZ21K2), broadcast 2-M / E live switcher (AV-HS6000 series) and other full range of audio-visual equipment, a representative in Brazil within the Maracana stadium to show the audience the image fantastic view to the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies will be playing a new level of entertainment feast, then, the audience around the world will witness the exciting show in Rio de Janeiro global the most grand opening and closing ceremonies. Panasonic will install its LED video screens and video systems in the Olympic stadium, which is the history of the company the largest Olympic Games. Games need for growing video screen, these screens are stadium indispensable part of the visual effects, which shows the huge video game through multifunction digital video switching. In addition to screens and audio-visual systems, Panasonic will also provide total solutions in competitive sports show for the audience to add enthusiasm and vigor, and the first use of its audio-visual system video referee to help referees. Panasonic P2HD broadcast camera systems have been identified as Rio 2016 recording apparatus. The company offers a wide range of broadcast equipment, for example, using the AVC-ULTRA transcoder AJ-PX5000G recorder. Since the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Rio 2016 will be a Panasonic digital technology is used as a twelfth consecutive Olympic official recording format.