Custom RFID sign-in system

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RFID is Radio Frequency Identification which uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information and no physical or mechanical contacts are needed in between.

RFID technology has been widely recognized and adopted by corporations for multiple purposes, including taking over the traditional attendance system. The system will automatically record the in& out time of our client’s staff when they arrive or leave the office. The system has been installed in all 11 floors with nearly 2,000 employees involved and brings the following highlights to the workplace:

  • Save the sign-in time for all staff
  • Strengthen data loss prevention
  • Online CMS system to read and manage daily attendance

In fact, the system plays a more important role when it comes to accidents. We set a fire drill mode to check whether anyone fail to leave the office when incidents occur. The system will help rescuers to locate them and save rescue time.

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