Shure Microphones Audio System Upgrade for a Medium-sized Meeting Room

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Wise AV Solution has recently assisted the audio system upgrade of a medium-sized Meeting room. The meeting room can accommodate 25 to 50 people.

Our clients had the following concerns about the original audio system:

  • Microphones have to be placed on tables
  • Microphones can hardly detect and focus on the speaker
  • Noises cannot be baffled
  • Manual HDMI input and output
  • Weak connection/signal
  • Picture 1:Meeting room before the upgrade

Considering the voice of our client and all practical factor, WiseAV Solution advised our client to adopt Shure’s MICROFLEX ADVANCE MXA910:

  • MA910 microphones can be embedded in the ceiling or installed on the ceiling, which is suitable for rooms of any size or shape
  • MA910 microphones available in 3 colors: black, white and aluminum (all paintable)
  • Individual auto mix channel for added flexibility

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MXA910 Microphones 3
  • Picture 2&3: Upgrade in progress. The ceiling was ready for installation

After the upgrade,the meeting room is given a makeover:

  • MXA910 Microphones are installed on the ceiling tobring a clean& neat table
  • MXA910 Microphones with configurable LED indication
  • Can detect thespeaker accurately with noise immunity
  • Full HD VGA and 3HDMI Scaler(auto-switch of input& output channels)
  • User-friendly andconvenient system interface
  • Bose Freespace DS 16F speakers are installed to expand coverage areas
  • Shure SCM820 8-Channel Digital IntelliMix AutomaticMixer is installed toenhance audio quality with simultaneous operation of multiple channels

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MXA910 Microphones 74
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MXA910 Microphones 4

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MXA910 Microphones 75

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MXA910 Microphones 5

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MXA910 Microphones 76

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MXA910 Microphones 6
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MXA910 Microphones 7

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MXA910 Microphones 7

Picture 4&5&6&7: Meeting room after the upgrade

MXA910Ceiling Array Microphone

Features Steerable Coverage™ Technology using up to 8 separate lobes to capture sound sources from above more accurately than any other product. Automatic positioning tool in control software easily adjusts lobes toward each participant’s voice. Intuitive user interface offers easy configuration of presets, templates and polar patterns.

The Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array is a premium networked array microphone that captures best-in-class audio in varying AV Conferencing environments including boardrooms, huddle rooms and multi-purpose spaces. Revolutionary technology from the Shure DSP Utilities includes Steerable Coverage™, utilizing up to eight beams to capture participant audio from overhead. Watch our MXA910 Steerable Coverage Video

Browser-based control software provides an intuitive user interface for microphone attributes including lobe configuration, automatic mix settings and preset templates. Integrates seamlessly with Dante™ and AES67 Networked Audio, and third-party preset controllers including Crestron and AMX, delivering a high-quality AV Conferencing experience and an aesthetically pleasing and productive meeting space that appeals equally to integrators, consultants, and anyone using the ceiling array in their workday meeting spaces.

Designer System Configuration Software allows system integrators to configure multiple virtual MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones in one tool. You can arrange the pickup lobes for all of the MXA910s over an imported room diagram to ensure precise coverage. Settings can be saved and then imported to each physical MXA910 on site.

Combine with our Designer system configuration software to configure multiple MXA910 installations with one tool.

Wise AV Solution shares full responsibility of this four-day- project, including design, installation, and testing. For inquiries, please call us at (852) 3579 8586 or send an email to